Best Acoustic Guitars in India 2021: Quality Products Reviewed & Listed

When it comes to light up your mood or just pampering the music lover in you, guitar would be the perfect pick for you. No wonder that it’s a great way of dealing with our boredom.

This musical instrument comes in various types, the most popular one being the acoustic guitar. If you are a beginner and loves to strum something while singing, best acoustic guitars in India would be the one for you. 

best acoustic guitar in india

Then there is semi-acoustic guitar that comes with a hollow body and meant for some variations in sound unlike the acoustic guitars. The other options in the range of guitars are Electric guitars, bass guitars, classical guitars and many more. 

In this article we will be talking about the best acoustic guitars in India and discuss some of the best acoustic guitars for the beginners. 

best acoustic guitars in India

Our Top Pick

The Yamaha F310, 6 Strings Acoustic Guitar, Natural. Yamaha has been a trusted guitar brand since many years. In many Acoustic Guitar Reviews, this particular product has been awarded with 4 to 5 stars always.

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    Top 3 Acoustic Guitars in India Compared

    Model Name Weight Colour Finishing Body Material
    best acoustic guitars in India Yamaha F310 2.39 KG Natural Color Only Matte Spruce wood and Rosewood
    best acoustic guitars review Kadence Frontier Series 2.95kg 6 Shades Available Glossy Spruce wood and linden wood
    reviews of best acoustic guitars in India Motif Professional Acoustic Guitar 998g 4 Shades Available Glossy Engineer rosewood and basswood

    What Is an acoustic guitar?

    The most popular and best-selling guitar ever is the acoustic guitar. An acoustic guitar primarily consists of the following parts - guitar body, bridge, sounding-hole, tuning pegs, string, fret boards etc. the strings of acoustic guitar can be made of steel or nylon.

    An acoustic guitar can have minimum 6 strings and maximum 12 strings. The body structure of an acoustic guitar is mostly made of wood; however there are some acoustic guitar made of metal also.

    The body structure of the guitar is hollow and the shape comes in the traditional format. Eminent bands like “The Eagles”, “The Black Crowes” use acoustic guitars.

    Acoustic guitar is so popular among the beginners because of its flexibility. It would allow you to play almost any kind of music with a balanced sound and tone.

    Top 7 Best Acoustic Guitars in India of 2020

    As there are many options available in the market of acoustic guitar, a proper research about the best acoustic guitars in India 2020 is needed. Before you spend your money on any particular brand, you need to know everything about the brand and its product.

    Key Features:

    • Made of the best quality spruce wood, rosewood.
    • Comes in traditional western body.
    • 39kg weight.
    • Comes in full size.
    • Soothing natural wood color.
    • 0 mm string spacing.
    best acoustic guitars in India
    Yamaha F310

    A Good Choice in Natural Color

    Yamaha being a well-known brand has launched its F-series guitars which combines nothing but the best of everything that a good acoustic guitar should have. The unique features and a trendy look of this acoustic guitar bring out the passion of a music lover within you.

    This Japanese brand has always given utter importance to the comfort and playability of a guitarist and Yamaha F310 6-Strings Acoustic guitar is no exception. Moreover the natural body color of this guitar stands as a unique one among all the other loud colors. This guitar comes with the light gauge string. These strings help in maintaining a balance in string tension. The 10 mm spacing of the strings are good.


    • The fret board feels smooth and easy to hold.
    • The sound quality is great.
    • The brand value is unquestionable.


    • The price may seem a bit high to many.
    • Feels a bit heavy for the beginners and minors.

    Why buy Yamaha F310

    This one would be the best acoustic guitar for you if you are ready to spend to get the best quality. Since the brand value is beyond any question, you can rely on it. This is one of the best acoustic guitars in India of 2020 and under the budget 10000. This guitar also offers you a good playability.

    Check at Amazon

    Key Features

    • Package Dimension104 x 42 x 12.5 cm
    • 95kg weight
    • Needs no battery
    • Stainless steel copper would string
    • Rosewood fret board
    • Body made of spruce wood and linden wood.
    best acoustic guitars review
    Kadence Frontier Series, Sunburst Acoustic Guitar

    Best Acoustic Guitar Under 5000

    Kadence is all about music and music lovers. The brand has witnessed the transformation in music industry and musical instrument.

    The strings are damage proof. Unlike other acoustic guitars, the body of this Kadence model is made of linden wood which allows a wide hollow chamber. This product offers a balanced sound quality even on high pitch. While playing the strings no humming and buzzing sound will be generated. This 39 inch guitar becomes quite handy and is easily portable. The frontier series of Kadence brand offers you a good sound and provides you with longevity. The guitar has no requirement for battery.


    • Humming and buzzing free sound and offers smooth sound.
    • Offers you long durability
    • This offers a wide variety of colors.


    • Not for the professional guitarists.
    • The guitar cover is not so good like the other ones.

    Why buy Kadence Frontier Series

    For entry level players who are not so much sure about continuing with guitar can buy this best acoustic guitar under 5000. If you are looking for a humming free and buzzing free guitar, this one is the perfect choice. This acoustic guitar has always maintained a place in the acoustic guitar reviews.

    Check at Amazon

    Key Features

    • Package Dimension 5 x 12.7 x 5.1 cm.
    • Comes in jet black color.
    • Fretboard and bridge are made of Engineer Rosewood.
    • Requires no battery.
    • 998g weight.
    • Body made of basswood.
    reviews of best acoustic guitars in India
    Motif Professional Acoustic Guitar MF38C

    Trendy and Pocket Friendly

    This is another best acoustic guitar under 5000. The guitar is made of basswood which can tolerate the high and humid weather of Indian subcontinent. There are two types of guitars- cutaway and non-cutaway. Since this guitar comes in cutaway, it offers a better sound quality. Playing above the 10th fret, this guitar will help you a lot. Besides, the fingers can move easily in the fretboard while playing the high notes in a cutaway guitar.

    For beginners and minors it would be a good choice as it is light weight. It is made of premium quality truss rod. With 6 strings and 22 frets this is specially meant for the beginners. This is one of the lightweight guitars available in India. That’s why we have included it on this list of best acoustic guitars in India.


    • Pocket friendly, won’t pinch your wallet.
    • Feels Lightweight, easy to tackle.
    • Made of a1 material in affordable price.


    • May not be long lasting as far as the price is concerned.
    • Mostly meant for the beginners.

    Why buy Motif MF38C

    If you are a new guitar learner, starting with lightweight guitar would increase your comfort level. Many beginners find it difficult to deal with the huge shape and size of the guitar. As a result of this, they eventually lose their interest soon. If you wish to find a cutaway guitar for playing the higher notes, this one will be a good choice for you. This product assures you a good spend on money with satisfaction.

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    Key Features

    • Comes in Dreadnought style.
    • The body back is made of laminated mahogany wood.
    • 54 g weight.
    • Requires no battery.
    • 1*43.1*8 cm product dimension.
    best acoustic guitars reviews
    Yamaha F310-TBS Right Handed Acoustic Guitar

    Best Acoustic Guitar Under 10000

    The Sunburst series of Fender brand brings to you their walnut made fretboard guitars. The body back of the guitar is made of mahogany wood which is not used in guitars very often. This comes in a traditional body shape with 6 strings. The tuning machines are made of die-cast and the pickguard is made of 1 ply.

    Due to its 4.54g weight it really feels lightweight in comparison to the Yamaha and Kadence guitars. The strings however get rusty sometimes. However, this is not a solid top guitar. The radius of the fretboard is 300mm. It contains 20 nut materials. As it weighs 4.54 kg, it is quite heavy compared to other guitars. The best thing is that the guitar needs no battery.  The dreadnought style of the guitar is quite popular.


    • Supremely lightweight guitar like no other.
    • Ensures you a good durability.
    • The guitar offers a good sound.


    • The strings may get rusty soon.

    Why buy Fender CD 60 Dread V3

    The guitar being a full size one provides a balanced sound.  The thinner neck and the leveled frets of the guitar would be perfect for playing with ease. However, the strings are not up to the mark like the other parts of the guitar.  According to the price this walnut guitar would be a good one.

    Check at Amazon

    Key Features

    • Comes in cutaway design.
    • Gives matte finish.
    • Made of truss rod.
    • The scale size is 38 inch.
    • Package dimension is 100 x 43 x 17 cm.
    • The weight is 2kg.
    • One of the best acoustic guitars in India
    top acoustic guitars review
    Zabel Acoustic Guitar 40 Inches Matt Finish

    Best Cutaway Guitar for Beginners

    Made of spruce wood, this guitar comes in royal blue color with a matte finish. This acoustic guitar is one of the signature guitars from the house of Zabel. The fretboard is made of maple wood. The brand believes in igniting the music lover within you with its wide range of musical instruments. From time to time, it has come out with innovative and unique ideas and designs of guitars.  The cutaway design of this guitar along with the premium quality truss rod gives a high quality sound effect.

    The tuning pegs are quite easy to move. The body structure of the guitar is made of best quality spruce wood. The spruce woods they use are in great demand because of its hardiness. The fretboard allows you to play low to high notes with the same amount of ease. The weight of the guitar is 2 kg which may seem a bit heavy for the ne3w learners.  The truss rod and the cutaway design of the guitar together allow a good sound effect.


    • The body structure, fretboard, neck all are made of best quality wood.
    • Needs no battery.
    • Good for both lower and higher notes.


    • A bit heavy for the beginners and minors.
    • The guitar bridge is made of plastic.

    Why buy Zabel Acoustic Guitar

    Zable assures you their best acoustic guitar if you are ready to spend money wisely. This is one of best acoustic guitars under 10000. Those who wish to go one step forward with acoustic guitar should buy this one. The plastic bridge of this guitar can be a matter of concern though.

    Check at Amazon

    Key Features

    • Comes in natural color.
    • Has glossy finish.
    • Requires 2 AA batteries.
    • Product dimension 95 x 46 x 14 cm.
    • Weight 3.8 kg.
    • Includes no ac adapter.
    best acoustic guitars in India
    Ibanez V50NJP-NT Acoustic Guitar

    One of the Beginner’s best choices

    This Japanese brand owned by the Hoshino Gakki Company has a wide range of guitars. Ibanez is highly popular brand in the USA and Europe. Their guitars are best for the hard rock music. It was Ibanez that launched the 1st ever 7 string guitar. Their strings, fretboard, body structure are made of the best quality material. For high pitched music, Ibanez acoustic guitar are the best.

    This particular guitar comes in natural high gloss finish and meant for the beginners specially. This guitar includes 2 AA batteries. It has electronic tuners also. Moreover, this is in the famous dreadnought style. However, this is quite a heavy guitar as far as its weight is concerned. For minor guitarists it can be a problem.  The natural gloss finish is another unique feature of this acoustic guitar.


    • Comes with 2 batteries.
    • Needs no AC adapter
    • Best for the entry level players.


    • This one of the best products of Ibanez, so price is a bit high.
    • There is no option in color variation.

    Why buy Ibanez V50NJP-NT

    This can be a good product for you if you have just started playing acoustic guitars. You can always find this one in almost every review about the best acoustic guitars in India. However, for a minor this may feel a bit heavy. 

    Check at Amazon

    Key Features

    • Comes with rounded edges.
    • Fingerboard is made of rosewood.
    • Slim body structure
    • Weight is 4.54g.
    • Product dimension is 108 x 52.6 x 15.5 cm.
    • Has tapered neck.
    top acoustic guitars in India
    Yamaha FG 800

    The Best Installment of Yamaha FG Series

    Yamaha’s FG Series acoustic guitars are best known for their slim and trim look. The back of the guitar is made of Nato which means eastern mahogany wood. This is another dreadnought style guitar. The tuners are die-cast.  The FG Series was introduced by Yamaha 50 years back. This series offers you great playability with proper comfort. The guitar has some other color options such as blue and orange. The FG Series acoustic guitars have been improvised from time to time with the changing face of the music industry. 

    The bridge of the guitar is made of rosewood. As the color option changes, material for the body structure also changes accordingly.  Besides, the guitar feels extremely lightweight for the minors and beginners. Other colors of this series combine maple wood, rosewood, nato and mahogany for their body parts. The top of the guitar is made of either solid spruce or solid mahogany.


    • Lightweight guitar compared to many.
    • Gives you many options in colors.
    • Best product in this budget.


    • The price is slightly high.

    Why buy Yamaha FG 800

    Made of maple wood, rosewood, mahogany, nato this is one of the signatur4e products of the Yamaha brand. Since Yamaha launched this series, it has become an instant hit. This may seem slightly costly but the money is worth spending for this one. This lightweight guitar is suitable for both professional guitarists and beginners.

    Check at Amazon

    Key Features

    • Dreadnought style.
    • Scalloped “X” bracing.
    • Back and side are made of mahogany wood.
    • Weight is 3.31kg.
    • Multicolor available.
    • Product dimension is 117.1 x 48.8 x 18.8 cm.
    top acoustic guitar reviews
    Fender CD-60S

    An Ideal Choice in Dreadnought Style

    Back and side made of Mahogany; this range from Fender is a solid spruce top guitar. In brightness and hardiness, there are only few woods that can beat this material. This is a solid top guitar which is in high demand.

    The weight is 3.31kg which is a bit heavy. Since the top of the guitar is made out of one single piece of wood, the price becomes automatically high. The product dimension is 117.1 x 48.8 x 18.8 cm. There are many other colors available for this model. So those who do not like the natural wood color may go for other options. Besides this guitar is in the dreadnought style, which is the most popular acoustic guitar shape.  The neck of this guitar is quite handy for the beginners.


    • Solid top guitar.
    • Multicolor is available.


    • The price is a bit high.
    • No hole is there for amp input.
    • A bit heavy for beginners.

    Why buy Fender CD60s

    This guitar is under 20000, which is a bit costly for the beginners. However, the kind of wood and other material it provides are of good quality. So for the trained and professional guitarists this product can be a good option to perform on the stage.

    Check at Amazon

    Key Features

    • Product dimension is 97 x 44 x 12.6 cm.
    • Strings are of steel.
    • Weight is 2.1kg.
    • Body and back made of blackwood.
    • Has 18 frets.
    • Size is 38 inch.
    best acoustic guitars in India

    A Quality Combination of Linden Wood and Blackwood

    This is one of the best acoustic guitars in India, and it is an incredible combination of the blackwood and linden wood. The design of the bridge looks unique. This is a 38 inch cutaway guitar. This product comes with a solid wood top. This solid top guitar is heavily used in folk and country music.

    The fretboard is made of ebony wood. The strings are made of steel. The tuning pegs are easy to move. The cutaway style of the guitar provides a good grip on the guitar while playing. The linden wood and blackwood together provide a robust structure to the guitar.


    • The fretboard is smooth to handle.
    • The size is suitable for the beginners.


    • 1 kg is somewhat heavy for minor players.
    • While most of the guitars have 22 frets, this one has 18 frets.

    Why buy JUAREZ JRZ38C

    If you are looking for a robust and steel string guitar this Juarez edition is the one for you. However, the numbers of the frets are quite lesser than the other acoustic guitars. As far as the weight of the guitar is concerned this is not for the minors.

    Check at Amazon

    Key Features

    • Has 18 frets.
    • Product dimension is 93 x 47 x 11.8 cm.
    • Weight is 1.9 kg.
    • Comes in classic black color.
    • Has steel string.
    • Body material is linden wood.
    best acoustic guitars
    Photron Acoustic Guitar, 38 Inch Cutaway

    The Classic Black Guitar You Would Love to Play

    In the fair of natural wood color guitar and other loud color guitars, this extremely jet black guitar looks much trendy. Linden wood is known as one of the best wood material for guitar body structure. The weight of this product is 1.9 kg which is lighter than other ones.

    Unlike the nylon string classical acoustic guitars, this guitar has steel string. This guitar comes with 18 frets. The machine heads are made of plastic.  This is also a cutaway guitar in the size of 38 inch. The glossy finish on the classic black wood gives an attractive look.  The fingerboard and fretboard are made of linden wood and ebony respectively.


    • Glossy finish on the jet black color looks amazing.
    • Suitable for the beginners.


    • The quality of the fingerboard is not so good.
    • The steel string might be difficult for rough strummers.

    Why buy Photron Acoustic Guitar

    The USP of the product is certainly its looks. Black guitars are rare, that too with glossy finish. Beginners may find this guitar lightweight.

    Check at Amazon

    Advantages & Disadvantages of Best Acoustic Guitars in India


    • With time as the acoustic guitar gets older, the guitar becomes better.
    • The feel more comfortable while playing on the fingerboard.
    • This one comes in a pocket friendly budget.
    • A beginner should always start with the acoustic guitars as they offer to learn and play many variations.
    • Electric guitar solos can also be played on acoustic guitars.
    • You can play it with a capo for better sound.
    • You can play both melodious and rock tune on it.
    • Adjusting the tuning pegs is quite easy.
    • Good for learning the basics of guitars.
    • Needs not any technical knowledge about guitar.


    • Acoustic guitar does not provide many variations in sound effect.
    • The strings of acoustic guitars might feel a bit sharp for the beginners. Thus it can hurt their finger tip.
    • Acoustic guitars are not so good for the hard rock music.
    • Acoustic guitar strings cause a lot more buzzing and humming effect.
    • The fretboard of acoustic guitars is not so easy go breezy for the beginners.
    • An acoustic guitar is more likely to get damaged soon.
    • Since acoustic guitars are mainly made of wood, in hot and humid weather they soak too much moisture. As a result of this, the sound they produce becomes dull.

    Types Of Acoustic Guitar

    According to the body shape and size acoustic guitars can be classified into various categories. Some of the most know and best-selling acoustic guitar types are discussed below.

    1. Dreadnought Guitar

    The dreadnought style acoustic guitar was developed by C.F. Martin & Company which is an American based guitar manufacturing company. This style is a good option due to its balance between its wide body and projection. Many people get confuse between concert guitar and dreadnought guitar. If you want a voluminous guitar then the dreadnought is the one for you. This is the most common acoustic guitar type available in the market.

    2. Jumbo Guitar

    This style was launched by the Gibson brand in the late 1930s. This is the largest acoustic guitar, which produces the most amount of sound. Jumbo guitar has got a wide hollow chamber in their body structure which requires a lot of energy while strumming. Jumbo guitars are not meant for the melody song. This guitar is heavily popular in the Nashville, which is birth place of many popular musicians of folk and pop song genres.

    3. Auditorium Guitar

    An auditorium guitar has few features common with the dreadnought style such they have the same width lower bout. However, auditorium guitar is a medium size guitar. It has a more compact size than the dreadnought guitars. This style is best suited for those who want to use their guitar in various types of music. However, those who are used to rough strumming patterns may not find this style much useful.

    4. Parlor Guitar

    This type of guitars is most suitable for the minor players due to their smaller size. With a compact size it offers a good playability for both strumming and fingerstyle. Blues and folk singers prefer this one due to the boxy sound quality it offers. However, the sound of this guitar is not so high due to its small size and less hollow chamber. So playing it in a small gathering is okay.

    5. Classical Guitar

    These are also known as nylon-stringed guitars as most of the acoustic guitars are steel-stringed. Yamaha brand is a specialist in producing classical guitars. When classical guitars are combined with the steel strings, they produce a great sound quality. For crating soft music this guitar is used heavily by the classical guitarist. The nylon strings are responsible for creating this soft music. Classical guitars have open slotted tuners and are best for the finger pickers.  

    6. Travel Guitar

    This style is completely at the odd when it comes to the traditional shape and size of acoustic guitars. This comes with a full shape fretboard. Since these are mainly for the travel purpose, these are made of laminated woods to withstand the changing features of the environment as you travel.

    Best Acoustic Guitars in India Buying Guide

    Before you pick the best acoustic guitars in India of 2020, you have to keep few points in your mind. Some of these facts are discussed below.

    1. Budget

    “The more you want the best quality, the more you have to spend for it”—this has become a myth in today’s competitive world of business. There are so many guitar brands available in the market struggling to sell their products. Due to the heavy competition, they are trying to come out with their best quality product in affordable price range.  

    In this article we have discussed some beast acoustic guitar under 5000 and under 10000. You just need to check whether their products fulfill your requirements or not.

    2. Purpose

    Not all kinds of acoustic guitars are meant for the same kind of music. For example if you want to go with the folk song you better pick one jumbo guitar or parlor guitar. If you want to play any melody then go with the classical guitar. 

    If you are a rough strummer then the steel string guitars would be best for you. However, for rock music acoustic guitars are not so productive.

    3. Playing style

    Playing style does matter a lot before picking up the right guitar for you. If you play the rock music go with the electric guitar. For jazz music go with the archtop guitars. For blues music there are blues guitars which are quite hard to learn. If you are a fingerstyle player then pick up the Yamaha L series guitars. Baby guitars are also good for fingerstyle.

    Other Important Things You Must Consider While Buying a Electric Guitar

    • Types of Acoustic Guitar: Pick up that one acoustic guitar style in which you feel comfortable. For the beginners the dreadnought style guitars would be good. For those who are master in this job jumbo guitars can be a good option. Minor players should pick up either parlor guitar or baby guitar. For travelling, travel guitars are a good option.
    • Wood Material: Different brands use different wood material for their guitars. Some of the most popular wood materials are rosewood, mahogany, maple wood, tone wood, basswood, engineer rosewood; walnut etc. walnut made fretboards are much popular. Rosewood and basswood are meant for the body structure mainly. Koa is another famous wood for guitar manufacturing that comes from Hawaii and this quite rare. For guitar neck maple, wenge, koa, mahogany woods are good. For the fingerboard ebony is a good option.
    • Size and Shape: When you need to check your comfort level you need to check the size and shape of your guitar first. The big one guitars have a more hollow chamber that helps in creating louder sound effect. But if you are not comfortable with the size then you can rely on the smaller ones. For choosing the unique shapes you have plenty of options. Even the dreadnought shape has many variants. Auditorium shape has another variant called the grand auditorium.
    • Preinstalled Stuffs: Any kind of guitar be it an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar has some preinstalled stuff in it. When you buy an acoustic guitar you must check for the string quality, the material of the bridge, the tuning pegs etc. The quality of the guitar depends on each and every part of it. For example if the tuning pegs are not easily movable, it becomes tough to tune your guitar. If the strings are not good then there will be a humming sound effect while you strum. A rightly tuned guitar is capable of producing the perfect sound.
    • Finishing of the Guitar: Always check the finishing of a guitar before buying it. Check whether it has any crack on it or any part is not properly placed. Fretboards are very important when it comes to playing guitar. Quite often we come across some guitars where the fretboard is not balanced and the finishing is quite poor. Check the tuning pegs also whether they are rusty of not. Sometimes the wooden body of the guitar becomes abit damage as they are stored for a long time in the factories. Avoid buying such poorly manufactured guitars.
    • Check Your Passion: Before investing your money on a guitar check whether you can connect with it or not. If you are a new learner of acoustic guitar, you must know how much passionate you are about learning this new instrument.

    Acoustic Guitar Vs Electric Guitar

    Let us look into some of the differences between an acoustic guitar and electric guitar.

    • Acoustic guitars are played by the song writers or those who want to strum something casually while singing. Electric guitars are played by the musicians or stage performers.
    • Acoustic guitar is not for playing in a huge gathering as they do not produce louder sound. Electric guitars can be heard even a quite large gathering.
    • Best Acoustic guitars in India have a hollow chamber in their large body structure. Electric guitar has a thinner body structure compared to acoustic guitars.
    • Acoustic guitars do have sound hole from where the sounds are generated by the vibration of the strings when you strum it. Electric guitars do not have any sound hole responsible for generating the sound.
    • It is not mandatory that acoustic guitars need not to be plugged. But without plugging the electric guitar you can barely hear any sound when you strum the strings.
    • The sound variation an acoustic guitar provides is lesser than the sound variation that an electric guitar provides.
    • Acoustic guitars are best for folk, melody. Electric guitars are best for hard rock music.

    Frequently Asked Questions: Acoustic Guitars

    Classical guitars are originally one type of acoustic guitar. While most of the acoustic guitars have steel strings, classical guitars have nylon strings. However, steel strings can also be used in a classical guitar. Acoustic guitars are a bit bigger than the classical guitars. As acoustic guitar strings are made of steel, beginners find it easier to play the nylon strings of classical guitars.

    While electric guitars are easier to play, yet the best acoustic guitars in India are the first choice of the beginners. Acoustic guitars are capable of making the better sound than the electric guitars, which is an important factor for the beginners. Starting with the acoustic guitar you will be capable of knowing and understanding the nuances in sound.

    There is nothing called a solid-side acoustic guitar. A solid top guitar is made out of one single piece of wood. That very wood has given into the shape of an acoustic guitar without separating it into two halves. In solid top acoustic guitar you can see continuous grains in the edge. A solid top guitar is expensive than a laminated one. Solid top guitars also provide a better volume originating from its soundhole.

    Yes, thicker strings create fuller and louder sound than the other ones. However, thicker strings need more strength while strumming. It creates more string tension necessary for producing the better sound.

    Conclusion: In this article we have rounded up some of the best acoustic guitars for beginners in India. We also have mentioned some best acoustic guitars under 5000 and under 10000. 

    However, if you are buying guitars for the kids, then starting with the parlor acoustic guitar or baby guitar will be most helpful. As per your requirements you can go with the steel string or the nylon string guitars. 

    You can find these top 10 best acoustic guitars in India everywhere. But we recommend you to purchase from Amazon as they offer best quality products in affordable pricing. 

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