Best Bass Guitars in India 2021: Quality Products Reviewed & Listed

Playing guitar is a kind of therapy, which is called music therapy. When you play it, its melodious tone cut your stress down. It is a sophisticated instrument that can bring joy and happiness in your boring life. With regular practice, you can enhance your skill.

The guitar can be classified into different categories according to its built configurations, tune, style of playing, and many more. But there are mainly three types of guitars.

In an acoustic guitar, the wooden body has a hollow chamber inside it and when the strings are vibrated, the produced vibrations resonate inside the hollow body and produce sound. In electric guitar, the body can be hollow, semi-hollow, or solid. Here the vibration is amplified by an amplifier and produced sound. The bass guitar is mostly solid-bodied and electric. Most of the bass guitar is played with the drummer in a band. In this article, we are going to discuss more about the best bass guitars in India in detail.

Ibanez GSR180 Bass Guitar

Our Top Pick

Ibanez GSR180 - BK, 4 Strings Electric Bass Guitar is ranked top is our list. It is one of the best bass guitars in India. Maple wood neck and agathis wood body make this guitar durable and it looks stunning. This product is designed at low cost with advance electronics. It is also good as a first bass guitar.

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    Top 3 Best Bass Guitars in India Compared

    Model Name Fretboard Material Colour Pickups No. Of Frets Warranty
    Ibanez GSR180 Bass Guitar Ibanez GSR180 Agathis Black Two Single Coiled Pickups 22 1 Year
    bass guitars reviews Vault Style 4 String-Guitar Phoenix Sun Burst Single Coiled Split Pickup And Single Coiled Pickup 21 2 Years
    reviews of best bass guitars in India Dean Custom Zone Bass Guitar Basswood Nuclear Green Single Coiled Split Pickup 20 Limited Lifetime Warranty

    What is a Bass Guitar?

    A bass guitar is used to play a low pitched tune in any genre. It can be distinguished from an acoustic or electric guitar by its neck and scale length. It has a longer neck and scale length. An amplifier is needed for an electric bass guitar to make it audible. It mainly has 4 heavy strings. This guitar is first invented by Paul Tutmarc. As it’s produced a low pitched sound, it can be played in a solo performance. But it is important to drum players as it helps to lift the rhymes. Without the bass, the music doesn’t feel good at all. 

    Best Bass Guitars in India of 2021 with Reviews

    Key Features:

    • In the neck, maple wood is used.
    • The body is made of Agathis wood.
    • The rosewood fretboard is used here with white dot inlay
    • The number of frets is 22 here.
    • The bridge type is b-10.
    • The PSNDP Neck Pickup is passive single coiled pickups.
    Ibanez GSR180 Bass Guitar
    Ibanez GSR180

    You Can Go For Ibanez

    The black body finish can easily drag your attention. The audio quality is really good at this price range. The build quality is also nice. This product keeps the brand reputation intact. One can go for this product without hesitation.

    Good As A First Bass Guitar

    It is a good jazz bass for beginners. The lightweight body is also comfortable while playing. The fret buzz is very little here. The overall body finishing is also nice. As it has 4 strings, gripping of the fretboard is quite smooth here.


    • It comes with one year of warranty.
    • The black and sleek body of this guitar makes it more attractive.
    • The PSNDJ Bridge Pickup is a single-coil pickup with high output.
    • Chrome hardware is used to avoid corrosion.


    • This product doesn’t come with any case. So to store it safely, you have to buy the case which is an additional expanse.
    • The tone knob needs some betterment. After several usage it gets lose as informed by few users.

    Why buy Ibanez GSR180

    Being a bass guitar, this guitar is not that much expensive. This black beauty is eye-catching. If you are a beginner and want a good bass guitar then this one is perfect for you.

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    Key Features

    • The fret type is jumbo fret.
    • Maple wood is used in the neck.
    • The neck is shaped as modern C.
    • The body type is standard P bass.
    • The fretboard is made of Rosewood.
    • The pickup configuration is single coiled split- single coiled pickups.
    bass guitars reviews
    Vault PJ Style 4-String Bass Guitar

    Quality Seems Promising

    The sound quality is good enough. Overdrive, fuzz all effects are played nicely with less feedback. As it uses single coiled, it’s good for high notes. It is very smooth to play. It also comes within a lower budget. 

    Satisfied With The Purchase

    The tonal quality sounds very nice. The fretboard is smooth and doesn’t hurt your figure tips. With the modern C type neck, one can effortlessly play all kinds of genres. The split single coiled pickups gives you more play-ability with less hum. Thus we have added it in this list of best bass guitars in India.


    • It comes with 2 years of warranty.
    • Here dual action truss rod is used. So one can pull the strings independently.
    • The cool sunburst colour is quite attractive.
    • The chrome plated hardware is durable.


    • The strap is not attached to it. You have to buy it separately. Without a strap one can’t play it on standing position.
    • It’s a basic guitar, not for the professionals.

    Why buy Vault Style 4 String Guitar

    This series of Vault bass guitar is expanded its playability with C shaped neck. Jumbo frets help in every note to play it simply and this also comes within your budget. Dual action truss road is also an advance feature.

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    Key Features

    • The body material is basswood.
    • The numbers of frets are 20.
    • The neck is made of maple wood.
    • The length of the scale is 34”.
    • The body colour is nuclear green.
    • D’Addario EXL170 strings are used here.
    reviews of best bass guitars in India
    Vault Style 4 String Guitar

    Super Light And Compact:

    This product is very light, can easily be swung around your neck. The fretboard being super fast and tight gives a feel of more like a guitar than a bass. And the sound is also brilliant.

    Funky Colour And Good Performance:

    It comes in different funky colours, looks very attractive on stage. It sounds more like a heavy metal bass compare to some other counterparts. The split pckups give Jazz tone amazingly as well as metal and hard rock songs.


    • It has volume and tone control knob.
    • The die-cast tuners are used so high durability.
    • Split pickup is used to eliminate unwanted noise from heavy tune.
    • As the neck style is bolt-on neck, it’s easy to replace or repair it.


    • Primarily it is considered to be an entry-level bass, not recommended for the professional level.
    • The proce of this guitar is bit higher than others as top quality materials are used.

    Why buy Dean Custom Zone Bass Guitar

    It’ s a fantastic choice in this price range. Coming in various funky colours, it will surely help you to grab more attention on stage. For any beginner, this is one of the best bass guitars in India, and it is also available in the market. Combined with correct peripherals, it can deliver a great performance.

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    Key Features

    • It’s a one-piece maple neck.
    • The fretboard is made of Jatoba and there are 22 frets.
    • It has pearl dot inlay.
    • The bridge is fully adjustable and it’s a B10 bridge.
    • It has chrome hardware.
    • It comes with an active equalizer with a PHAT-II bass boost.
    top bass guitars in India
    Ibanez GSR - 200

    Quality Is Worth Repeated Buying

    This is one such product which compels you to buy it again and again. It’s lightweight so doesn’t hurt your shoulder even if you play for longer hours.

    Suits Fantastic For Woman Players As Well

    As this is a sleek and light instrument, it is preferred by female guitarists on many occasions. Even it is very glamorous, so that’s another plus for this guitar.


    • It is light in weight and scale length is smaller. So easy in handling.
    • The price is also on the lower side.
    • It has such a great bass sound that at times it sounds like any other high-end bass guitar.
    • It doesn’t need frequent cleaning.


    • The knobs are made of cheap plastic and not sanded correctly.
    • It has no mids and the deep bass sometimes sounds clumsy.

    Why buy Ibanez GSR 200

    It is arguably one of the best bass guitars in India of 2021 in the price range. With a competent player, it can match up to the performance of a few top-level guitars. Starting from beginner to experienced, it can suit the purpose of various groups. With easy maneuvering and excellent value for money performance, many people buy it again and again.

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    Key Features

    • Fret-board can be made of Rosewood or Jatoba.
    • It has a white Dot Inlays.
    • It’s equipped with EB6(4) bridge.
    • It has die-cast tuners so that each note can be played with authority.
    • The body is made of poplar.
    • It has Canadian Hard Maple Neck.
    Best Bass Guitars in India 2020
    Cort Action Plus Bass Guitar

    Great Tone

    It has active pickups. In this price range, this guitar is packed with great tonal control along with equalizer and balance function. Playability is great and having 24 frets at this price range is a great deal.

    The Most Sought After Beginner Model

    With excellent sound, versatility, and low price cap, it’s a great choice for beginners. Having said that, it can also compete with some other high-end expensive models if played by a competent guitarist.


    • This guitar is light in weight due to the use of well-seasoned wood.
    • The overall appearance of this product is stylish and cool.
    • Both PJ type pickups are used here. The P-type bass pickup is suitable for hard rock, classic rock, and Motown. Whereas the J type bass pickups are ideal for jazz and pop.
    • Ergoinc body shape increases playability for longer playing sessions by reducing fatigue.


    • It has two volume knobs and one tone knob, so adjustment options are limited.
    • Apart from Bass, other sounds sometimes become muddy. Treble is also not that up to the expectation.
    • It doesn’t have any warranty.

    Why buy Cort Action Plus Bass Guitar

    This is one of the most recommended beginner’s models. It has great bass and with limited knob options, it is easy to learn as well. Even being an entry-level model, it has double pickup for bass, so it scores on versatility grounds as well that is why even some experienced players go for it. Price is also budget-friendly.

    Check at Amazon

    Key Features

    • Body and Neck material is of Maple wood.
    • It has 21 Frets.
    • Body material is of Ash Solid.
    • There are four controllers- dual volume and tone controllers.
    • It has a J-style humbucker bridge pickup.
    • It comes with 4 strings.
    best bass guitars in India
    Kadence, Chronicle Series Electric Bass Guitar,

    Well Crafted Product

    It has great finishing and looks absolutely fantastic. The pickup can also be changed to the SD quarter pound to make a greater impact. With volume and tone knobs being maple neck which gives a more premium look.

    Best In Class

    With the cheap price cap and different features, it’s a good choice for somebody who wants to learn and is actually looking for one of the the bass guitars in India. It is recommended to buy the product from the store directly rather than online.


    • The sound and performance are really good.
    • Light in weight, so it is easy to carry around.
    • It comes with volume and tone controllers.
    • It has dual-pickup, P-J, The P-type bass pickup is suitable for hard rock, classic rock, and Motown. Whereas the J type bass pickups are ideal for jazz and pop.


    • If you buy online, then there might be chances that the pots are uncleaned and customer care is also not very responsive. So it’s better to buy the product in person from the store directly.
    • It doesn’t come with a strap and cover. So you need to invest further for those peripherals.

    Why buy Kadence Chronicle Electric Bass Guitar

    Kadence is an Indian brand with a good reputation. This product is budget-friendly, it has some advanced features. Sound is at par with our expectations and also it looks really classy. So this product is definitely recommended, especially anyone who is looking to start.

    Check at Amazon

    Best Bass Guitars in India: Advantages & Disadvantages

    Although this instrument has some great importance in our life, but there are few negative points as well. Here we have listed some of the pros and cons of the bass guitars in India 2021.


    • The bass guitar is an important musical instrument in any band. Without the bass, the song is not complete. It helps to lift the rhythms of the music.
    • It perfectly expresses your feelings. You can play it however you want to play it. There is no clear cut rule for playing bass.
    • The bass guitar is available in a wide range like 4, 5, and 6 strings. You can choose according to your choice of music.
    • The bass guitar is easily available in the market as well as on the online shopping portal.
    • You can get the Tablatures of the bass guitar right away.


    • As the strings of the bass guitar are thick, so you need extra pressure to pluck it.
    • As the size of t is big and made of solid wood, so it becomes heavier than an electric or acoustic one.
    • The neck of this guitar is quite long. So shorthand people find it difficult to handle.

    Different Types Of Bass Guitar

     In the following part, we have discussed some of the various types of bass guitar. There are mainly three types of bass guitars.

    Acoustic Bass Guitar

    This kind of guitars has a hollow body just like an acoustic guitar. The strings are thick here. When you pluck it, the produced vibration creates resonance and produces a sound that we heard.

    Electric Bass Guitar:

    In this type, the body is made of solid wooden structure and it needs an amplifier to be heard as it doesn’t have any hollow space to resonate the vibrations. The electric bass is further categorised into two types: P Bass Guitar and Jazz Bass Guitar.

    1. P Bass Guitar: This bass guitar is the first invented electric bass. It has a split coiled humbucker pickups. When you set the tone knob at the low end, it produces a rumbling sound, and when at the high end then you get a shape tone.
    2. Jazz Bass Guitar: As the name suggests, it is best for playing jazz. It consists of two single coiled pickups and a narrow neck. It is one of the popular bass guitars.

    Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar:

    This type of guitar has a hollow space inside its body. it can be played without an amplifier. But to hear it at large scale like in an auditorium or stage show, it needs an amplifier.

    Best Bass Guitars in India Buying Guide

    Build Materials

    Build material is an important part of buying a guide when you are going to have a sophisticated instrument. The most common types of woods that are used for making a bass guitar are:

    • Ash: This wood is lightweight and produces a balanced and bright sound.
    • Alder: The guitar produces a very balanced tune of low, mid, and high frequency when this wood is used to make it.
    • Mahogany: This wood is heavy and of fine quality. It gives a warm tone.
    • Maple: It is also a heavy wood. Maple wooded guitar produces a bright and clear tone.
    • Basswood: This wood is light in weight and less expensive. It affects much the tone quality and provides a flat sound.


    The price range of  the best bass guitars in India is varied widely. If you are a beginner and don’t want to invest much then you can also find a low budget one. Many manufacturers design bass guitar at low cost with good electronics. But if you are a professional player then you shouldn’t compromise your bass. A high-quality bass will be best for you where you will get all the functions at the top of the line.


    pickups are used to convert the sound vibrations into electronic signals. In most of the guitar, two pickups are used to provide a tonal range to the musician. The single coiled pickup gives bright sound but it produces some unwanted noise. But with the humbucker pickups, that kind of noise or humming sound is not produced. Another common type of pickup is split coiled pickups. This functions as a single coiled pickup but there is no hum like sound.

    Other Important Things You Must Consider While Buying a Bass Guitar

    Strings: Almost all the best bass guitars in India comes with 4, 5, and 6 strings. The 4 strings one is suitable for the beginners as the neck is smaller. The sound of the 5 strings bass is heavier and it is most popular among hard rock, fusion, metal, and jazz guitarist. The 6 strings one is wide in shape and hard to play. It gives the bassist a wide range to play.

     Fretted or Fretless: Frets are the metal strips on the fretboard. It helps to find out the note while playing. So for the beginners fretted bass guitar will be a good option. While fretless feels smooth to play and gives a warm sound. The professional find it’s easy to play.

     Neck Style: The neck styles of bass are mainly of two styles: bolt-on neck and neck-trough. The neck-through designed guitar is a single piece of wood. So it is more rigid. It increases your playability, as you easily access the higher fret. While the bolt-on guitar is low in price. It gives you the flexibility to change the neck when it needs to repair.

     Active Pickups or Passive Pickups: The created electric signal by the passive pickups is weaker so the amplifier is important here to boost up the sound. With passive pickups, you can play a wide range of genres. The active pickups have their own power source like a battery. The feedback is less here, so gives a more clear sound.

    Bridges: The bridges are used to hold the strings. It transfers the vibration of the strings to the pickups to further amplify the vibrations. So it’s important to have a better bridge. The bridges made of copper, are usually better. The three different kinds of bridges are (a) Through-bridge, (b) string through body, (c) bridge and tailpiece combination.

     P Bass or Jazz Bass: P bass is invented before Jazz bass. They have some differences in their body structure and electronics. Jazz bass is easier to hold as it has a balanced centre near its neck. P bass has two split single coiled pickups. Wheres Jazz bass has 2 humbucker pickups. Jazz bass has more playability compare to P bass. You can choose anyone between them as per your style.

    Scale Length: the scale length of a bass guitar varies in three ways.

    • 30 inches or less means short scale
    • 34 inches means long scale
    • 35 inches or more means extra long scale

    For a beginner or young one, the short scale length will be fine as it easy to handle and play for a long time. The extra scale length comes with 5 or 6 strings.

    Bass Guitar Vs Other Guitar Types:

    Both of them are different types of guitars. They have some differences which we have shortlisted here.

    • String: The strings of the bass guitar are thicker than the normal guitar. The bass usually has 4 strings, 5 and 6 strings are also available.
    • Playability: The bass guitar acts as a supporter in a band to give a special effect in a song. But without a bass, you will feel that something is missing in the song, bass fulfill it completely. Whereas with a regular guitar you can perform like a solo guitarist as well as in a band.
    • Sound: The bass guitar is made to give low and thick sounds. But in an electric or acoustic guitar, it gives a bright tone.
    • Size: The size of the bass guitar is larger than a guitar. The fret board is wide in a bass guitar.

    Frequently Asked Questions: Bass Guitar

    Several factors make a bass guitar good. Firstly the type of wood i.e. maple, mahogany, rosewood are such kind of fine woods that give you a bright tone. The electronics are also important in making a good bass guitar. More the bridge weight and hold up capacity, the more vibrations will be transferred to the pickups. The single coiled pickups and humbucker pickups also play vital roles.

    There are many good bass guitars are available in the market for the beginners. There is no need to spend much, as you get a good one at a low cost. The 4 strings guitar will be best for the beginners as he/she can play it comfortably due to narrow in shape.

    How much easier it will be that depends upon how much you devote yourself to the learning. The fretboard is wide here, so initially, it may seem difficult to hold the instruments. The strings are also thick and needed extra effort to pluck. But by the time you complete your basic learning,  it will be easier for you to play.

    Yes, you can play bass on electric guitar. But obviously with some limitations and not to the full extent. You will need an octave down pedal or effect unit that will get you close as much as possible. Along with that, you can also use a few software and plugins.

    Conclusion: A bass guitar is acted as the backbone of any band or song. So without a bassist most of our favourite songs are incomplete. If you decide to be a bassist then this article will help you to choose the best bass guitars in India for you which is currently available in the market. From the top 6 best bass guitar list you can smoothly find out the right one according to your budget and style. A buying guide is also provided to compare products while purchasing. With all your dedication and hard work, you will be a good bassist. So wish you good luck with your new journey.

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