Best Classical Guitars In India 2021: Quality Products Reviewed & Listed

In this 21st century, we are living a very hectic life, depriving ourselves of some self-relaxation time. So sometimes we look for space where we are free from any outside worries, just pampering our hobbies and desires. Playing any one of the best classical guitars in India can be a stress reliever for us. The mellow and soft tone of the guitar gives you freshness and peace in your mind. It will also enhance your skills. Even if it can be a great partner in your lonely times.

We can divide guitars into 4 categories. They are as follows:

The symmetrical, hollow, wooden-bodied guitars with no electronics and with nylon strings are called Classical Guitar. The acoustic guitar is designed in a hollow wooden body with metal strings. It also doesn’t have any electronics. In the Electric Guitar, the string vibrations are amplified to be audible. The Bass Guitar is a type of guitar in which the strings are thick and it gives a heavy and low sound. Here we are going to discuss some of the best classical or nylon string guitars in detail.

best classical guitars 2020

Our Top Pick

With more features and positive reviews, Yamaha Classical Guitar C40//02 is topped in the list of best classical guitars in India. The rosewood fretboard and bridge make this guitar more beautiful and classic. The tonal quality is praiseworthy. This classical guitar is also designed for beginners. The price is affordable for newcomers.

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    Top 3 Classical Guitars in India Compared

    Model Name Top Material Neck Material Warranty No. Of Frets Body finish
    best classical guitars 2020 Yamaha Classical Guitar C40 Spruce Nato 1 Year 18 Glossy
    best classical guitars in India Ibanez GA15-NT Cedar Mahogany 1 Year 18 Natural High Gloss
    classical guitar reviews Cordoba Guitars C1M Spruce Mahogany 3 Year 19 Polyurethane Matte

    What Is an Classical Guitar?

    The guitar in which you can play the classical form of music is called a classical guitar. This guitar is also designated as Nylon String Guitar or Spanish Guitar. This is the forerunner of modern acoustic guitar. This type of guitar mainly has 6 strings and the strings are made of nylon or nylon wrapped in metal. It usually has 12 frets. Because of this classical guitar sounds different from other guitars. It has a hollow body to produce resonated sound. This is why it doesn’t need any external support to be heard. There is an artistic design around the soundhole of the classical guitar that is called a rosette. But nobody has been able to find out the reason behind it.

    Top 7 Best Classical Guitars in India of 2021

     It took long research and hard work to come up with some of the best classical guitars in India of 2021. Here we have enlisted top 7 classical guitars by comparing their reviews, features. We have shortlisted these by comparing more than 15 products. So here we go.

    Key Features:

      • The body wood is meranti.
      • The scale length is 22.8 inches.
      • The neck material is Nato
      •  The bridge and fingerboard are made of rosewood.
      • There are 18 frets in this guitar.
    best classical guitars 2020
    Yamaha Classical Guitar C40//02

    A Nice Piece Of Beauty

    The tone of this guitar is so sweet that you will readily fall in love with it. The tone is well balanced. As a first guitar, you can surely go for it. The sound holds down for a long time. Being a fingerstyle guitar, it is a nice one for the beginners. One comfortably plays it. Something better in this price range is beyond imaginations.  So you can grab this one undoubtedly.

    Classical Guitar In Budget

    To find a good classical guitar within this price range is really tough. But Yamaha makes it possible. It designs for the beginner and they can afford it without much hesitation. Sustain to decay ratio is also good. If you search for a good quality guitar then it will be your result at the end. The lightweight body gives you more space to play smoothly on standing up. In short, it is one of the best budget classical guitars in India.


    • It comes with 1 year of warranty.
    • It’s light in weight.
    • The matte finish neck is smooth on touch.
    • The price range is also affordable.


    •  It doesn’t have any truss rod to adjust the neck.
    • It doesn’t have a place to attach straps.

    Why buy Yamaha C40//02

    Without any doubt, it can be your first guitar. The body materials are of fine quality and it comes in your budget as well. So it will be a great deal for you.

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    Key Features

    • The back and side material is Mahogany.
    • Rosewood is used here to make the fretboard.
    •  The number of frets is 18.
    • Savarez Nylon Strings is used here.
    • There is a gloss neck finish.
    •  The top wood is made of cedar.
    best classical guitars in India
    Ibanez GA15-NT

    Good One For Beginners

    If you want to be a classical guitarist then you can start your skill with this one. There is no sharp fret, so you can play it smoothly in your lesson. The sound quality is incredible. Beginners will love to play it over and over again. With the C shaped neck, it increases its playability. When you play it on a stage the shiny body and warm tone catch everyone’s attention towards you.

    A Valuable Purchase

    The purpleheart bridge and fretboard give it a new look. The purpleheart wood is used to produce a rich mid-range and a very crisp high end.  The glossy finish of the body is really impressive and gives it a classy look. The gold classical tuners also amplify the beauty. Savarez nylon string is of fine quality which is used here. So it gives more effect on your music, and deserves a spot in this list of best classical guitars in India for beginners.


    • The finishing and shine of the body are eye-catching.
    •  The sound is warm.
    • The product has 1 year of warranty.
    • Beginners can play it easily.


    • You need to buy the case separately.
    • The string quality needs to be improved.

    Why buy Ibanez GA15-NT

    The premium look of this can attract you. The classic build quality is also an advantage of this classical guitar. This nylon string guitar is suitable for beginners as well.

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    Key Features

    • The body depth upper bout is 80mm.
    • The body depth lower bout is 85mm.
    • The back and side wood is mahogany.
    • A polyurethane matte finish is used here.
    • The body colour is natural.
    • The number of frets is 19.
    classical guitar reviews
    Cordoba Guitars C1M

    Happy With This Product

    The type of melody it produces depends on your playability. It is easy on your finger due to nylon strings. The size is perfect for the teenage players too.

    You can travel with this piece as it is light in weight. Initially, it may be tough to tune this instrument properly. But after all the setup is done, anyone will fall in love with its melodious tone. This build quality is very decent. The strings are not going to tear apart as they are made of nylon.

    Like This Model Of Cordoba

    The fretboard and bridge material is Rosewood, a fine quality material. This budget-friendly guitar suits every beginner. The spruce imparts more brightness in the tone. Due to the nylon strings, the tonal quality varies in between mellow to brighter. The chords and pick notes are smoothly formed. With just a soft touch you can create some dulcet tones. If you don’t want to spend much on your first guitar then you can think about it.


    • It has a dual-action truss rod to adjust the neck.
    • The C shaped neck gives you more playability.
    • This guitar is light in weight.
    • It comes with 3 years of warranty.


    • It takes time to tune this guitar.
    • Purchasing a cover bag is an extra expense.

    Why buy Cordoba Guitars C1M

    This is recommended for beginners to start their journey with a good guitar. You can’t learn it properly if you are not comfortable with the instrument. This classical guitar totally satisfies your requirement.

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    Key Features

    • The top material is made of Cedar.
    • Rosewood is used in making fretboards.
    • The scale length is 16 inches.
    • There is a classic rosette design.
    • In the bridge, rosewood is used.
    • There are 21 frets.
    Kadence Professional Nylon String Classical Guitar
    Kadence Professional Nylon String Classical Guitar

    A Good Product

    The tone of this guitar is quite good. The rosewood is lighter in weight, so Rosewood Bridge gives a quick response. It will be a good choice to invest in. The cedar top gives more clarity to the tone. The mid-tone quality is praiseworthy. Due to the smoothness of the fretboard, you can play this one fast. The overall reviews of this product are quite well.

    Worth The Investment

    The first appearance of this product makes you feel it’s worth buying. To practice rumba flamenco, this one will be a good choice. It also brings out a rich tonal range. The mahogany provides extra sustain into the neck. This gives a warm sound and focuses on the mid-range. The nylon strings are not going to hurt your fingers. If you are looking for the best classical guitars in India, then you can definitely give it a go.


    • It has a 1-year warranty.
    • The price is on the lower side.
    • It is suitable for beginners.
    • It has an adjustable truss rod.


    • The cover is not provided.
    • The high note gets flatten.

    Why buy Kadence Classical Guitar

    This guitar from Kadence provides a quick response with just soft touch. The warm sound of this classical guitar inspires the beginners more. The rich quality of woods provides better sustainability.

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    Key Features

    • Cedarwood is used in the back and top.
    • The fretboard is made of Rosewood.
    • The colour of the body is natural.
    • It comes with a dual-action truss rod.
    • The number of frets is 19.
    • The body has a glossy finish.
    Vault EC3970SK
    Vault EC3970SK

    Nice Finishing

    This guitar is beautifully designed. If you take care of this guitar efficiently then it can serve you for a very long time. You can clean the fretboard with lemon oil which also smoothen the fretboard. The finishing of this guitar is flawless and stunning looking. The wide neck is useful while playing. The cutaway body gives a better sound.

    Classical Guitar With Advance Feature

    Pickup gives you more tonal options to play with a wide range of genres or styles of playing. This pickup cum tuner is designed with volume bass, mid and treble control, and a built-in tuner with a LED display. If you think it is affordable to you then don’t hesitate to get it. The glossy body is ornate with a beautiful rosette. The top and bottom end of the mellow tone are well balanced.


    • Pearloid chrome tuning pegs are used here.
    • It comes with Fishman Blend 301 pickups.
    • The warranty period is 2 years.
    • It comes with some additional accessories too.


    • The price of this guitar is a bit higher.
    • The frets need to be smoothened a little.

    Why buy Vault EC3970SK

    A classical guitar with advanced features makes it more striking. It increases your playability. If your budget permits you then you can purchase it certainly.

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    Key Features

      • The body material is of ash wood.
      • This is a 6 strings guitar.
      • The number of frets is 18.
      • This guitar is for junior learners.
      •  The fretboard is made of Maple.
      • The size of this guitar is 34 inches.
    Music Alley MA34-N
    Music Alley MA34-N

    Good For Young Beginners

    If your kid wants to be a classical guitarist, then you can start your kid’s lesson with this one. This lightweight guitar is very handy for them. Their small hand can hold it comfortably. The price of this one is also minimal. So you can have it for the practice sessions. The nylon strings are quite promising for the little ones. That’s why we have added it in this coveted list of best classical guitars in India 2021.

    Decent Quality To Start With

    If you want to give this one to your grandchildren, then surely go for it. Teenagers with soft fingers pluck their nylon strings swiftly. You need to store it properly to maintain the good condition of it. It is a little difficult to tune for the new one. But it stays in tune after all the setups. Fresher can make a good sense of chord with this one.


    • The manufacturer provides 1 year of warranty.
    • The machine heads are made of metal.
    • This is suitable for young beginners.
    • The manufacturer provides two months of free live classes for the lesson of the guitar.


    • Sometimes it produces jarring sound after tuning.
    • The string quality needs some betterment.

    Why buy Music Alley MA34-N

    This junior classical guitar inspires the little ones to be a future guitarist. It is designed for them to play smoothly and gives a stable start to this new venture.

    Check at Amazon

    Key Features

    • Rosewood is used in making fretboards.
    • The body is made of spruce wood.
    • The number of frets is 19.
    • The number of strings is 6.
    • The weight of this guitar is 2 kg.
    • It is 39 inches long.
    Kadence solid wood Classical Guitar
    Kadence solid wood Classical Guitar

    No Regrets With The Purchase

    Spruce top wood provides a good tone for this guitar. This material adjusts in any style of playing. It’s a big advantage of this guitar. the body is light in weight, so you can handle this in a better way. As the manufacturer provides 1 year of warranty, it is quite a promising and trustworthy brand as well.

    Nice Product

    The brand is well known for its build quality of guitar. This classical one seems quite promising in handling. The guitar is a full-sized one, so it is suitable for adult beginners. The rosewood fretboard is popular for its warm and rich tone. You can maintain and clean the fretboard by applying lemon oil. The price is not much for beginners. It is one of the best classical guitars for beginners specifically. 


    •  A mahogany bridge is used here.
    • It has a 1-year warranty.
    • This guitar is lightweight.
    • The string type is nylon.


    • This guitar doesn’t come with additional accessories.
    •  It needs to retune again and again.

    Why buy Kadence solid wood Classical Guitar

    If you are searching for an entry-level classical guitar, then this product is for you. The quality of this product is not compromised for the beginners. They can start with this good product.

    Check at Amazon

    Advantages & Disadvantages of Best Classical Guitars in India

    A Nylon String guitar or I can say a Classical guitar is a beautiful and melodious musical instrument. Along with the advantages, it also has some disadvantages as well.


    • The nylon strings of this guitar feel soft on your figure. So it’s not going to hurt your fingertips if you are playing for hours.
    •  The strings are placed at a distance. So this wide spacing of strings makes fingerstyle playing easier for you.
    • It doesn’t need any amplifier or electronics to be audible.
    •  Being a hollow body guitar, it is light in weight.
    • You can smoothly travel with it.
    • It produces a soft, mellow sound.
    • The wide neck of this guitar allows you to press the string swiftly in fast playing.


    • As it produces a soft sound, it needs an amplifier when it is played in functions or stage shows.
    • Due to the wider neck, the shorthand players may find it difficult to play.
    • You need to tune the nylon strings repeatedly.

    Best Classical Guitars in India Buying Guide

    The build materials of classical guitars are mainly rosewood, spruce, cader, maple, ash. Spruce, Cedar, and Maple are mainly used in the top material. The top material is important as it decides the texture of the outcoming sound.

    Build Materials

    The build materials of best classical guitars in India are mainly rosewood, spruce, cader, maple, ash. Spruce, Cedar, and Maple are mainly used in the top material. The top material is important as it decides the texture of the outcoming sound.

      • Spruce: spruce suits any style of playing and it produces a crisp sound.
      • Cedar: Cedar is less dense wood. It has less clarity at the high tone but has better richness.
      • Maple: This wood provides greater sustain and high clarity. Each note is well separated in this body material.

    The back and body materials are Rosewood, Mahogany, Maple.

    •  Rosewood: It has a greater tonal quality which makes it more expensive than any other wood. It also has a wide range of genres.
    • Mahogany: This is a dense wood and produces a warm tone by focusing on mid-range.
    • Maple: Maple is popularly known for guitar material. This produces high clarity in tone and feedback problem is less here.


    Size matters a lot while you are going to have anything that can be a dress or a guitar. Classical guitar has a different size option according to its player’s age and height.

                  Age                               Height                              Size

              2-5 years                      75-100 cm                       ¼ size

              5-8 years                      100-125 cm                     ½ size

              8-12 years                    125-165 cm                     ¾ size

                  12+                            165 cm +                        full size

    So according to this above chart, we can easily decide the perfect size of your classical guitar.


    Higher volume doesn’t mean a better instrument. The volume level should be at a certain level that it can be audible to the people. So before purchasing a classical guitar check its volume and if possible also check the classical guitar reviews on the online shopping portal.

    Other Important Things You Must Consider While Buying a Classical Guitar

    • Budget:  We all are bound to buy anything within budget. So we have to keep this factor in our minds. Sometimes online shopping portals give some extra discount or offer. You can grab the best classical guitar for you by that time. This smart purchase can save your budget too.
    • Tuning: The tuning machine is set up according to the quality of the guitar. A good quality guitar has a long-lasting and fine quality of tuning pegs. So try to find out this kind of good quality of tuning pegs. If your strings get loose and you need to retune it again and again then you need to repair or replace it.
    • Fretboard:  The fretboard material is usually rosewood. Rosewood is a high quality of wood. It gives you more playability so that you can run your fingers smoothly on fretboards. The fret ends are supposed to be blunt otherwise it is going to hurt your fingers.  
    • Balance: Balance means some voice is on the lower end and some on the higher end. A good guitar is supposed to have this quality otherwise it doesn’t sound well. Checking this feature is necessary before the purchase of any of the best classical guitars in India.
    • Soundboard: Soundboard is that part of the guitar where the vibration of strings creates sounds. It has a great impact on the quality of richness of the sounds. The Soundboard is mainly made of plywood or solid wood. As solid wood is the expensive one, beginners like to prefer the plywood model which is less expensive. Among the solid wood, Spruce,  Cedar, and mahogany are the common choices.
    • Nuts and Saddles:  Nuts and Saddles are used to hold the strings in the proper place. For the beginners’ model, these are made of plastic or metal. The plastic nuts and saddles are quite effective. The expensive model used bone nuts and saddles. But that is mainly for the professionals as the price is higher in this model.
    • Brand:  The first thing you check to buy a guitar is the brand reputation or popularity. People easily trust those brands which have better ratings and reviews in their products. A classical guitar is something that you are not going to purchase very often, so check this point minorly.

    Classical Guitar Vs Acoustic Guitar:

    Most of the people get confused about a classical guitar and an acoustic guitar as they look alike. But they have some differences. Let’s discuss those dissimilarities.

    • Fretboard: The fretboard of the classical guitar is wider than an acoustic one. Sometimes the classical doesn’t have any fret marks like dot or inlays.
    • Strings:  The difference between them is in classical guitar, nylon strings are used whereas in the acoustic guitar steel strings are used. That’s why the classical guitar is also known as nylon string guitar. Nylon strings produce a mellower or softer tone than the steel strings. For the beginners, nylon strings of classical guitar are more comfortable than steel strings.
    • Body Shape:  An acoustic guitar comes with a dreadnought body shape which is bigger than a classical guitar’s body shape. Most of the classical guitar has no cutaway shape rather has an asymmetrical shape.
    • Sound:  Due to the difference in their strings, their sound quality is also different. A classical guitar produces a thicker and softer sound than an acoustic one. Classical is made mainly of classical music.
    • Neck:  A classical guitar has a wider neck than an acoustic one. So the spacing between the strings is much in the classical one.
    • Tuning Pegs:  In the best classical guitars, the tuning pegs are made of both plastic and metals but in the acoustic one, the tuning pegs are of metal.

    Frequently Asked Questions: Classical Guitar

    A classical guitar has some special features that help it to stand out from others. The strings are made of nylon. The symmetrical body is made of wood. It doesn’t have any electronics. The resonating sound makes it audible.

    Almost all the best classical guitars in India are small in size and also lightweight. So beginners can hold it with ease. The strings also feel softer. As the beginners are not habituated with it, it is a big advantage for them. The nylon string guitar sounds different from the other guitar, so the learner will enjoy it while playing.

    the strings of the classical guitar are made of nylon and such kinds of strings are not made to play with picks. You will get a richer tone on finger playing.  The pick may damage the nylon strings and the sounding board of the guitar.

    Playing a classical guitar is tougher than playing the piano. Every instrument has its list of pros and cons. The notes of a guitar are a bit complex to learn and memorize. Beginners sometimes get confused about which string has to be used to play the high and low end of notes. But if one is determined to learn it, he/she can definitely do that.

    Learning to play an acoustic guitar is a bit more difficult than a classical guitar. Though it’s not that tough to learn. The nylon strings of the classical one are softer than the acoustic guitar, so new learners find it easier.

    Conclusion: The guitar is not just a mere musical instrument. For some, it is the way to socialize with the outer world. And for others, it is a way to communicate with inner-self. Classical guitar is the most common guitar with which most people venture on this journey. Through a lot of research, we have enlisted a few of the most popular and best classical guitars in India of 2021. So that this article can become your one-stop solution to know about them and decide which one you should go for. So let’s hope you find your perfect choice and make good use of it.

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