Best Electric Guitars in India 2021: Quality Products Reviewed & Listed

Playing guitar can be considered as a mental therapy that improves not only your skills but also your mental health. Nowadays, most of us lead a hectic life. So it’s important to give some time to yourself. Playing the guitar will well suit that purpose. Learning an instrument will enhance your concentration level and skills. And you never know when your passion becomes useful in your life. 

A Guitar is a very well known musical instrument for us. It is mainly of three types, Acoustic, Electric, and Bass. The acoustic guitar is a classical one, and you don’t need to plug on to play this. This is mainly used to play alongside classical music. The electric guitar comes with a wide range, and its tonal options are also widely different from each other. We can play different genres with an electric guitar. Here we are going to discuss specifications and pros-cons of some best electric guitars in India of 2021, which are currently available for purchase.

Best Electric Guitars

Our Top Pick

Amongst some well-known products, RockJam RJEG02-SK-BB Electric Guitar is one of the most popular guitars. This guitar comes with an amplifier. The three single coiled pickups give you versatility in your playing. It has two-tone controlling and one volume controlling knob. Overall it will be a good choice as your first of you are specifically looking best electric guitars in India for beginners.

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    Top 3 Electric Guitars in India Compared

    Model Name Fretboard Material Colour Pickups No. Of Frets Warranty
    Best Electric Guitars RockJam RJEG02-SK-BB Rosewood Blue Burst Three single coiled 24 1 year
    best electric guitars in India Juarez JRZ-ST01 Ebony wood Sun Burst Three single coiled 18 NA
    electric guitars reviews Vault TL1M Maple wood Natural One humbucker and one single coiled 24 3 years

    What Is an Electric Guitar?

    An electric guitar is a musical instrument that produces sounds by the vibration of its strings. The pickups are that part of an electric guitar, which amplified the vibration into an electric signal. This signal is further converted into sound by an amplifier, which is connected to a guitar with a cable. The body of some of the electric guitars is wooden. If the body of the guitar is hollow or semi-hollow, then you can play it without the amplifier for practicing. Most of the best electric guitars in India have a solid body. For them, they have to be plugged in, or else it’s not that much audible. The electric guitar is divided into several categories according to its shape and layout of the neck, bridge, and pickups.

    Top 7 Best Electric Guitars in India of 2021

    Learning a guitar is a wonderful journey. And the whole experience can be more energetic if you have a good quality of the instrument in your hand. So this article is written with the goal of helping you to choose the best guitar for you. We have enlisted key features, pros, cons, and unbiased reviews of 7 of the best electric guitars in India.

    Key Features:

    • It has two tone knob and a volume knob.
    • It is provided with a 10 watts amplifier with headphone output and guitar connecter cable.
    • It has three single coiled pickups to play in a versatile tone.
    • This guitar has 24 frets.
      The body material is Basswood.
    • The strings are thin and made of steel.

    Happy with the purchase

    An electric guitar with an amplifier combo is a good deal. The sound quality is nice, and one can practice it easily. With all the adjustments, when you play it, it will satisfy your purchase. The big fret is set well on the fretboard. 

    Good Product At A Good Price Range

    This product is cheap, and the additional advantage is it provides a free amplifier. The padded bag is also helpful to carry its outsides. It has a headphone jack, so you can practice it silently without disturbing your parent’s sleep. There is sometimes a little buzz sound. 


    • It comes with an amplifier. You don’t have any additional expenses to bear.
    • A Whammy bar is provided with it.
    • It also provides some additional strings with it. If your strings get damaged, then you don’t need to buy it by yourself.
    • It comes with one year of warranty.


    • The quality and versatility of the amplifier are needed a few modifications.
    • The bridge is a little rigid. So can create problems while using a whammy bar.

    Why buy RockJam RJEG02

    The basswood body and fine bright blue color combination make it more attractive. The price is also affordable. In this price range, you get an electric guitar along with an amplifier. So it will be a good deal for anyone, especially for the beginners.

    Check at Amazon

    Key Features

    • The number of Frets is 18.
    • This guitar is designed with a cutaway.
    • The Fretboard is made of Ebony wood.
    • It configures with 3 single pickups.
    • It has a bolt-on neck.
    • It is made with a chrome die-cast machine head.
    best electric guitars in India
    Juarez JRZ-ST01, 6 Strings Electric Guitar

    A Good Guitar For Black Metal Lead

    The sound quality is good enough. Overdrive, fuzz all effects are played nicely with less feedback. As it uses single coiled, it’s good for high notes. It is very smooth to play. It also comes within a lower budget. 

    One Can Go For It

    Its three single pickups are good for playing high notes and gives beautiful sound. It sounds bright when metals play. If string saddles and intonation are not properly adjusted, then it can flatten the strings, so you have to pay attention to the tremolo. The smooth finish and sunburst body make it attractive.


    • Its design is innovative and smart.
    • The sound quality is good.
    • This product is less expensive. So it can come within your budget.
    • High notes are smoothly played by this model.


    • The amplifier is not provided with this product. As it’s an electric guitar, an amplifier is necessary to play it.
    • The strings are delicate. So you have to use it carefully; otherwise, it will tear apart.

    Why buy Juarez JRZ-ST01

    If you are looking for one of the best electric guitars in India to play metal, jazz then this product will be good for you. Its 3 single coiled pickups are designed to play high notes. It’s also budget-friendly. 

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    Key Features

    • It is a Telecaster like an electric guitar.
    • It uses a double-action truss rod, which is mostly available in high-end guitar.
    • It has a humbucker bridge pickup and a single coiled neck pickup.
    • The Fretboard is made of Maple wood.
    • The tuners are of high-quality chrome-plated nickel die-cast.
    • Jumbo Frets are used in this Vault Guitar.
    electric guitars reviews
    Vault TL1M Electric Guitar

    Tele Style Guitar Is Recommended If Yoy Want Nice Tone

    The overall setup of this guitar is quite nice. As the price is not that much as compare to Telecaster, a beginner can have it. The Fretboard is also good. There is no such fret buzz. Here you can have variant tonal options, which will be great to explore different genres.

    Its feel like real Telecaster

    It sounds like a real Telecaster. The truss road is adjustable. So you can adjust it according to your choice. It doesn’t noise much from the neck single-coil pickup. The smooth maple finish looks beautiful. The pickups are also adjustable as per your preference.  


    • You can adjust your guitar according to weather conditions, whether it is dry or humid.
    • It provides fine-tuning as it has high-quality tuners.
    • It has 3 ways pickup selector, which gives you a variety of combinations.
    • Due to the jumbo fret, you can put sideways pressure on the strings more easily.


    • An amplifier is needed as its an electric one. So you have to purchase it separately.
    • The warranty requires extra charges. 

    Why buy Vault TL1M

    This provides two kinds of pickups, humbucker and single coiled along with 3 ways pickup selector. So you can have a range of tone options. If you are looking for a Telecaster, but the budget doesn’t permit you, then you can have this, and you don’t regret this.

    Check at Amazon

    Key Features

    • The body is designed like a Strat guitar with a double cutaway.
    • It has a humbucker and two single coiled pickups configurations.
    • The neck is Bolton and made of maple wood.
    • The Fretboard is made f Rosewood.
    • It has a master tone and master volume controlling knob.
    • It has a vintage-style tremolo.
    Top Electric Guitar in India
    Yamaha Pacifica PAC012 Electric Guitar

    Melodious Guitar For Beginners

    The sound quality is good and melodiousThe finishing of this guitar is well. Sustention is quite good. One can enjoy melodious songs with this guitar in a winter evening. 

    Good build quality in an affordable price range

    The build quality of Yamaha Pacifica is the top class. The body shape is also comfortable for playing for long hours. Even after usage of Maple and Rosewood, still, it comes in a good price range with a bag of features. That’s why we have added it in our list of best electric guitars in India of 2021.


    • Here you can tune both high and low notes perfectly.
    • It comes with a Yamaha lifetime warranty.
    • As some fine quality woods are used, the sound is very rich and balanced.
    • The hardware of this guitar is quite good compare to others. 


    • The overall adjustment may be found difficult for beginners.
    • This is not a high-end guitar. So for professionals need little modification.

    Why buy Yamaha Pacifica PAC012

    This product of Yamaha comes with some interesting features which help the guitarist, especially the beginner, to learn with ease. The two types of pickups make it perfect for any kind of genre. The good quality of metal makes it durable and good in appearance.

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    Key Features

    • It is a left-handed guitar.
    • The neck is made of Basswood.
    • The Fretboard material is Rosewood, which is a good quality of good.
    • It has three pickup configurations that are one humbucker and two single coiled pickups.
    • The no of frets is 21.
    • The pattern of the neck plate is 4 bolt standard.
    electric guitars reviews
    Kadence Astro Man Electric Guitar

    A Nice Product At An Affordable Price Range

    It comes with a beautiful design, and the playing experience is also good. The HSS type configuration of pickup at below 10k range is really amazing. Once the primary setup is completed, you will rock with this guitar. 

    Good guitar for finger practice

    The guitar is pretty good. The cable is good, and there is no distortion for the cable. If you are planning to get into rock music, then this guitar will be a decent option for you. The black body finishing is also looked stunning. 


    • Due to the Rosewood fretboard, it gives a warm, mellow tone.
    • It comes with 1 year of manufacturing warranty.
    • The pickups have 5 positions controlling the switch.
    • It is also very light in weight, so you can play it for a long time.


    • No picks are provided with this product.
    • The build quality is also not up to the mark.

    Why buy Kadence AstroMan Electric Guitar

    It could be good a choice for starters as the budget is on the lower side and also it looks pretty good that’s an added advantage. As most youths are more inclined towards rock music, so this black beauty can easily grab their attention.

    Check at Amazon

    Key Features

    • The Fretboard is made of Rosewood.
    • It has an adjustable truss road.
    • The saddle of chrome synchronized tremolo is also adjustable.
    • It has three single coiled pickups at the bridge, middle, and neck.
    • It used 21 medium jumbo frets.
    • It uses polyurethane as a body and neck finisher.
    Best Electric Guitars in India
    Fender Squier 0310001506 Bullet Stratocaster 6-String Electric Guitar

    Overall A Good Deal

    The next one in our list of best electric guitars in India is a product from Fender. The appearance of this guitar is impressive, and build quality is also not compromised. This guitar has a strat look and has some similarity with the original Fender. The neck is smooth in touch, so it helps to play fast with leas amount of pressure. So overall, it is a good electric guitar for beginners and intermediates.

    Squire With In Budget

    This squire range is offered by Fender. The clean is perfect for what Fender is known as. All the pickups work perfectly. You can tune up your song by 5 ways pickup selector, which is really amazing. It gives a trashy squire tone. 


    • You can use a tremolo bridge to add tremolo and vibrato effects.
    • The three single coiled pickups have 5 switches to select desired pickups.
    • It is easy to grip the guitar because of its beveled edges of the guitar.
    • The hardware parts have a chrome finish to prevent corrosion.


    • It may be higher in the price for beginners as compared to others.
    • The string quality needs to be improved.

    Why buy Fender Squier 0310001506

    This guitar comes with a classical strat look. The fretboard is smooth and nice, which helps you to play swiftly. The build quality is nicely developed. The C-shaped neck is really comfortable and helps to play any kind of genre.

    Check at Amazon

    Key Features

    • The fretboard is made of fine Rosewood.
    • The material is used in the bridge is Brass, and it is also adjustable.
    • The pickup configurations is a humbucker, single coiled, humbucker pickup.
    • The body color is a shiny sun-burst.
    • It also includes a pickup chord, a strap, L-key, 5 plectrums, and a cushion bag.
    • The body and neck are made of Tonewood.
    best electric guitars in India
    Givson GS 1000

    Good As A First Guitar

    The appearance of this guitar is nice and finishing touch too. If you are a beginner, you can practice with it. Humbucker single coiled, humbucker pickups use to play in both high and low notes.

    It's Good But Needs Some Improvements

    The overall features are nice and advanced, just like other best electric guitars in India, but the hardware is needed to be of better quality. The sound sometimes cracks, so they can take care of this factor as well.


    • It has two-tone and two-volume knob to adjust the tone.
    • The price comes within your budget.
    • A pickup changing switch is available to shift your tone.
    • It is easy on the fingers.


    • It is good for the beginner level but not for a higher level.
    • The quality of the strings can be improved here.

    Why buy Givson GS 1000

    If you are planning to buy your first electric guitar, then you can go for it. It has all setups that are quite nice for the beginners. You get some additional accessories with it as well. 

    Check at Amazon

    Advantages & Disadvantages of Best Electric Guitars in India

    In everything, there are advantages and disadvantages. This is also true for the best electric guitars in India as well. Here are some pros and cons, which will assist you to know an electric guitar more precisely.


    • An electric guitar is easy to play because of its slim and small body, which is light in weight.
    • This kind of guitar has a volume control knob. So you can adjust the sound as per your surroundings and requirement. It also has a headphone jack, which enables you to practice silently.
    • With this guitar, you have the freedom to play music as per your choice and mood. You can try almost all the variation of music with it like metal, jazz, country.
    • An electric guitar delivers a high quality of sound by using an amplifier. 
    • The strings on the electric guitar are softer and thinner, so it’s easy to pluck and play. That’s why it’s good for beginners.


    • You need to purchase an amplifier along with an electric guitar, which may be found a bit expensive for someone.
    • As the beginner doesn’t have that much knowledge about amplifier and guitar, it can be difficult for them to find the right tone.
    • If you try any note or music in an electric guitar, then it doesn’t indicate you can play it in acoustic guitar as well.

    Types Of Electric Guitar

    A wide range of the electric guitar is available in India today. So let’s have a look at the different types of best electric guitars in India from beginners to professional level.

    Guitar Body Style

    Solid-Body Instrument

    Solid body instruments are those guitars whose body is made of a solid piece of wood. The possibility of feedback from the guitar is very less here. The solid-body guitar is further divided into subcategories. These are

    • Stratocaster  Stratocaster was designed by Leo Fender in 1954. Its neck is bolt-on type. It has a tremolo that helps you to change to pitch with a whammy bar. Stratocaster mostly have three single pickups. The six tuning pegs attach with headstocks along one side. It has a huge range from a cheap one to an exclusive one.
    • Super Strat The design of  Superstrat electric guitar resembles with Stratocaster. The playing style is different from the Stratocaster. The upper edge of this guitar is bent like horns, which give it a more aggressive look. It is designed with a humbucker and single coiled pickups. This type of guitar is usually played by rock and metal players because of its high-output pickups.
    • Telecaster:  The telecaster is the first well known electric guitar by Fender. It is also known as Broadcaster. It has a single-cutaway body design, and the neck and fretboard are made of maple wood. Instead of Tremble Bridge, it has an Ashtray Bridge, which has three saddles. Along with this bridge, it has a single coiled pick up on a large metal surface. The sound produced by these entire perfect for the Country music. So it is quite popular among Country Guitarists.
    • Les Paul: This model is named after the late great guitarist Les Paul. The body of this guitar is designed with mahogany wood and a single cutaway. It has a set-in neck. It configures dual humbucker pickups. It has a high sustain, so suitable for hard rock and metal genres. It uses the Tune-o-Matic bridge with Stop Bar tailpiece. It is renowned among blues, jazz, and rock & roll guitarists for its heavy sound.
    • SG and Flying V: The SG is designed with a long neck and twin horn, and also lighter in weight. Its body is made of mahogany wood and uses dual humbucker pickups as it sounds thick; it suitable for blues and rocks. Flying V is much unique in its shape and quite popular in stage shows for its dazzling look. This type of guitar is also suitable for hard rock and metal genres.

    Semi-hollow Instrument:

    The Semi-Hollow electric guitar has two holes on its body. The inner chamber is divided into two parts. Mainly blues and jazz players use it, but metal can also be played with it. As it as a vacant place, it tends to feedback.

    Hollow Instruments:

    This guitar has a hollow chamber inside its body, where the vibration of air resonates and creates a mellow tone, like an acoustic guitar. Though it needs to be amplified. Jazz guitarist likes this kind of guitar.

    Best Electric Guitars in India Buying Guide

    An electric guitar is not just an instrument; it also expresses your passion. So before having an electric guitar, you just have to be careful about a few factors that are important to decide which one is good for you. Here we will discuss those factors, so that you can take an informed decision regarding the best electric guitars in India 2021.

    Build Materials

    The first thing that you have to decide is the building material. This thing has a significant effect on the quality of sound. The bodies are mostly made from mahogany, rosewood, maple.

    • Mahogany: This wood is mostly used in any guitar. This highly resonates with the sound and represents the warm nature of the sound.
    • Maple: It is a hardwood and which provides a bright tone that raises high notes in the sound of the guitar. It is highly durable.
    • Rosewood: It is used to make the fingerboards of guitars.
    • Basswood: This is light in weight and also cheap. It is used in the production of a cheap guitar. 

    Body Style

    • Solid-Body: Solid body guitar is a bit weighty as it made of a piece of solid wood. This type of guitar is played through an amplifier as it doesn’t form resonance. The quality of sounds depends on the electronics of the guitar. 
    • Hollow Body: These kinds of electric guitars have a hollow chamber inside their body. These help to create more resonance. It has a high chance of feedback. These guitars are famous amongst jazz guitarist because of its rich tone and deep bass response.
    • Semi-Hollow Body: The body of this guitar has a solid center wood block, which provides more stability to this guitar. This also helps in the reduction of feedback. The warmth of semi-hollow is liked by many blues guitarists. One can play a wide range of music with this kind of guitar.


    Pick-ups are one of the important parts of an electric guitar.

    • When the strings of the guitar are plucked, it produces vibration, and pickup is used to transmit this energy to the amplifier, which turns this energy to sound. The single coiled pickups are widely used in the guitar because of their bright tone. Humbucker pickups are also well known for the elimination of hum type sound to give a more clear sound. This provides a thick sound and mostly use in jazz, heavy metal, and rock.
    • Pickup control knob: This is attached to the pickups and helps to set a specific combination of tone. The configuration of this varies model to model of an electric guitar. Les Paul has 3 positions in its pickup control knob. Whereas the Stratocaster has 5 positions of the knob, those are neck pickup, bridge pickup, the middle pickup, bridge, and middle pickups combined, neck and middle pickups combined.

    Other Important Things You Must Consider While Buying a Electric Guitar

    • Scale Length:  Scale length means the length of the string that we pluck while playing. The length is measure from the nut to bridge. The longer scale has high tension on the strings and offers a bright tone. While the shorter scale is easy for string bending. Short-handed people find it easy to use.
    • Tone Controls:  It is used to control the frequency of the sound. As you lower the tone knob, the higher frequencies are removed and hence remove the trembling effect.
    • Bridge: It is attached to the body of the guitar, which holds the strings in the right position. It also uses to maintain the distance between the strings and fretboard and also among the strings. Bridges are mainly two kinds of i.e., vibrato and non-vibrato. The vibrato is used to adjust the pitch.
    • Output Jack: output jack acts as a connector between the guitar and amplifier when a cable is attached to it. Different types of guitar use different types of output, although their functionality remains the same.
    • Price: the price is a big factor while choosing a sophisticated instrument. Here you can have a wide range of products. Some are good at affordable prices rang, whereas others may sound not that much good. So choose your guitar wisely.
    • Brand Reputation: before purchasing anything, check whether the brand is reliable or not. Some brands may sound good; just check their reviews on online sites before zeroing on. This leads you to a satisfying purchase for best electric guitars in India.

    Electric Guitar Safety Tips:

    Keep Your Guitar in Right Place

    As the guitar is made of high quality of wood, it should be handled properly. You cannot expose your guitar in sunlight for a long time, or else its color may fade away. You have to take proper precautions in humid conditions. You can get a capsule from instrument stores, which will protect your guitar from getting damaged in those conditions.  

    Proper Cleaning of Fretboard: The fretboard is made of good quality wood, so it needs to be properly maintained. You can purchase a fretboard conditioner to clean it. 

    Handling of Strings:  The strings usually tear off, you need to change it after a regular interval. 

     Always Use Guitar Cover:  This sophisticated instrument has to be saved from the bad weather conditions. So it should be covered up when you are not playing it. 

    Need to be polished:  To maintain its look, it needs to be polished some times. For that purpose, you can contact your nearer local musical instruments store.

    Maintenance of Hardware Component:   Its hardware is made from nickel and chromium. So it needs to be cleaned properly for long-lasting.

    Electric Guitar Vs Acoustic Guitar:

    • Body type: Electric Guitar comes with three types of the body i.e., Solid, semi-hollow, hollow body. The solid-body electric guitar requires an amplifier to be heard. But the Acoustic Guitar doesn’t need any external support to be audible. When the strings vibrate, the air in the hollow space produces resonance, and the sound waves generate. 
    • Weight and size: The best Electric Guitars in India are more compact. But a solid piece of wood is used, it is a bit weighty. Whereas the Acoustic Guitars are light in weight as they are hollow. But their appearance is large.
    • Strings: Electric Guitar uses light, steel strings that are soft in touch. It also has an amplifier, so don’t need to be plucked hard. On the other hand, an Acoustic Guitar uses thick steel strings, and you have to put extra pressure to hold down. Thin, steel strings are also available, but tone quality may be changed in that case.
    • Tone: Electric Guitar has different pickups and also tone and volume knob, which help to create a versatile tone combination. The Acoustic Guitar has a single tone. But with the change of the build material, the tone can be changed for different guitars.
    • Price: The Electric Guitar is purchased along with an amplifier, but the acoustic guitar doesn’t need it. So the electric one is found a little costlier than an acoustic guitar. 

    Frequently Asked Questions: Electric Guitar

    The type of wood that is used to make body fretboards is an important thing to check when you purchase any electric guitar. Along with this, you check the pickups and electronics. These are really important things for an electric guitar. You also check whether the brand is reliable or not.

    The strings are soft in electric guitar, so it is easy to pluck, and it won't hurt your fingers. The size of it is also less in comparison to an acoustic guitar. But if you are a beginner, then the acoustic guitar will be good for you. Otherwise, the electric guitar has some additional advantages like you can play whenever you want by putting headphones on and without bothering others.

    Oil and woolen cloths work nicely when it comes to clean a wooden fretboard. You can also use a microfiber towel. You can use lemon oil to rehydrate the fine material used in the fretboard. Just be careful while cleanings it.

    If you are a beginner, then all the functions of the electric guitar seem to be a little difficult, and it takes some time to get familiar with all the functions. Once you are accustomed to them, then you can play it easily. In an acoustic guitar, you don’t need to think about the arrangements of the pickups or any knob. You just need to take it n your lap and pluck the strings.

    Conclusion: Once you purchase an electric guitar, then it not only remains a musical instrument; moreover, it becomes your friend. So before having a guitar, you have to keep few things in mind. It is also a bit expensive instrument; the decision should be taken wisely. In India, a wide range of electric guitars are available with which you can play different types of music In our above article, we have provided some detailed discussion about some of the best electric guitars in India. There is also a buying guide, which will help you to find the right product. So go ahead and live your passion.

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