Best Guitar Brands in India of 2021 (Quality Ones Only)

In the fair of musical instruments Guitars are probably the most loved ones as they look superbly trendy with a modern outlook. As we know that books can be your best friend, guitars are no exception. It helps you to develop your playing skills with passion. If someone is looking for buying guitars, a market research is mandatory as there are thousands of brands selling their guitars. Let us have a look on some of the best guitar brands in India.

Top 5 Best Guitar Brands in India (2021 Edition)

For many of us guitar is like our first love, so it’s important to connect with the best brand possible. Here we will be talking about the best guitar brands in India that are selling high quality guitars exclusively for Indians. Let’s start! 

best guitar brands in india

1. Ernie Ball Music Man

Founded in 1974 this brand offers a wide range of guitars primarily for the professional guitarists. Ernie Ball’s Music Man Guitars are crafted in their factory in California, since the mid-80s. This is one of very few guitars brands whose strings are manufactured by the brand itself and are not outsourced from any other country. When it comes to the top brands of guitars, Ernie Ball Music Man has always maintained its position among the top brands.


  • Offers unique designs that attract the buyers.
  • Made of premium quality plywood.
  • Has a feel-good effect on the audience.


  • Price is a bit on the higher range.
  • A single string cannot be replaced without hampering the string tension.

2. Fender Guitars (One of the Best Guitar Brands in India)

Fender has been a part of worldwide music transformation since 1946. This particular guitar brand is well known for producing guitars that best suit the Blues music. Being an American brand, it has always maintained a good demand in all countries across the world as well as in India. From time to time it has updated its designs with unique shape and size. This brand has been one of the favorite brands among the professional guitarists.


  • The price range is from low to high which is suitable for all types of customers.
  • Acoustic and semi-acoustic guitars of this brand are worth a mention.


  • May have some humming issues while playing.
  • Strings are not so long-lasting.

3. Ibanez Guitars

Ibanez is a Japanese brand owned by the Hoshino Gakki Company which is well known for producing several types of musical instrument. It has a huge popularity in the USA and Europe. A brand with its self-created identity, Ibanez guitars are now a known name among the professional guitarists. This brand has been crowned for launching the first ever 7 strings guitar.


  • Best for metal and hard rock music.
  • The strings, fret board, body structure has its own uniqueness.
  • Suitable for high-pitched music.
  • They have both costly and affordable ranges of guitars.


  • Guitars for the beginners are not so good.

4. Epiphone Guitars

Founded in 1873 Epiphone celebrated its glorious 140 years in 2013. This brand offers you their best guitars that won’t pinch your pocket. However, it has never compromised with its quality while making their guitars affordable to all kinds of customers. With time, it has become a good competitor of the other renowned guitar brands in India. This is a sub brand of Gibson.


  • One of oldest and most trusted guitar brands of the USA.
  • Offers the best of every kind of guitars.


  • The maple sheets that this brand uses are a bit thinner than Gibson.

5. Gibson Guitars

With its headquarter in Nashville this brand was founded in 1894. From that time onward it has taken forward the legacy of world-class music instrument. Gibson is probably that one brand which has the lesser number of flaws than any other brands. Hit and fit for the hard rock music this guitar brand is the 1st choice of many renowned guitarists. This brand however is mistaken with Givson brand often.


  • Offers the best sound quality for rock music.
  • Made of A1 quality materials.


  • Offers expensive and lavish guitars only.
  • Not for the entry-level players.


There is no hard and fast rule that one eminent brand will suit everyone. When it comes to choose the perfect and comfortable guitar for one, his or her personal requirements of shape and size do matter a lot. However, choosing the right and the best guitar brands in India of 2021 will help you in enhancing your playing skills.

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