Best Guitars in India Under 10000: Quality Products Reviewed & Listed

Guitars are undoubtedly the most popular and well-known musical instrument played by a lot of music lovers. Be it a lazy evening or rainy day, playing the right guitar can light up your mood. 

There are various kinds of guitars that are available in the market.  In India, you can easily find some of the best guitars in India under 10000. When you make your mind to pick up the best guitar, you need to consider certain facts. These facts are – the purpose of buying, body material, playing style, finishing, and, last but not least, your budget.

best acoustic guitars review

Our Top Pick

Here in this article, we will give you complete knowledge about the best guitars in India under 10000. Among the top 10 best guitars, our first choice is Kadence Frontier Series This is a spruce wood, and linden wood made guitar that has 6 color shades.

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    Top 3 Guitars Under 10000 in India Compared

    Model Name Weight Dimension Material Color
    best acoustic guitars review Kadence Frontier Series 2.95 kg 104 x 42 x 12.5 cm Spruce and linden wood 6 shades
    best acoustic guitars reviews Yamaha F310 2.44 kg 104 x 52 x 14 cm Spruce and meranti Tobacco sunburst
    best guitars in India Juarez JRZ-ST02 4.2 kg 96.1 x 43.1 x 8 cm Linden and Ebony wood Red

    Top 10 Best Guitars in India Under 10000

    Now we will discuss the ten best guitars in India under 10000. We have made this list of guitars considering some important features . We have considered the price, material, strength, and some other facts as well. Not only that we have actually tested more than 30 guitars from various popular brands before making this list. We have also interviewed quite a few actual guitar owners in order to understand their perspectives regarding this topic. Let's begin!

    Key Features

    • Package Dimension 104 x 42 x 12.5 cm.
    • 2.95kg weight. 
    • This guitar needs no battery.
    • Stainless steel copper would string.
    • Fretboard is of Rosewood.
    • Made of spruce wood and linden wood.
    best acoustic guitars review
    Kadence Frontier Series, Sunburst Acoustic Guitar

    Kadence is a well-known brand in the music industry. This Kadence model is made of linden and spruce wood that gives a hollow chamber. This hollow chamber is responsible for generating the sound in any acoustic guitar. The strings made of stainless steel are damage proof.

    The 39 inches body of the guitar makes it quite handy. Rosewoods are considered as a good material for the fretboard. This guitar is humming and buzzing free. The guitar needs no battery, which saves your extra expense. 

    2.9kg weight makes it lighter. The product dimension is nearly 104 x 42 x 12.5 cm. The manufacturer gives 6 months warranty for this product.


    • This guitar is long-lasting.
    • There are 6 shades available for this one.
    • Does not create any humming or buzzing effect.


    • This is a beginner’s guitar. Not for professionals.
    • The guitar cover is of poor quality.

    Why buy Kadence Frontier Series

    Kadence is a trustworthy brand, and this acoustic guitar is no doubt one of their wonders. You can surely give this guitar a try to get a balanced sound.

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    Key Features

    • Body made of spruce and meranti.
    • Comes in Tobacco Sunburst color.
    • Product dimension is 104 x 52 x 14 cm.
    • 2.44 kg weight.
    • Scale length is 634 millimeters.
    • Fretboard is made of Rosewood.
    best acoustic guitars reviews
    Yamaha F310-TBS Right Handed Acoustic Guitar

    Yamaha brand has been crowned as one of the best guitar brands in India. This Yamaha F310-TBS acoustic model is made of meranti and spruce wood. This meranti wood is often called Philippine mahogany. Meranti, along with spruce wood, gives a solid base to the guitar. This is my personal favorite in this list of top 10 best guitars in India under 10000.

    The weight of this guitar is 2.44 kg, which is quite lighter. The tobacco sunburst color, no doubt, would be an uncommon choice. The scale length of the guitar is 634 millimeters. Rosewood made fretboard is good for handling the strings. 

    The neck of this acoustic guitar is made of nato. Like most other acoustic guitars, this one too has 6 strings. The manufacturer gives a 1 year warranty for this guitar.


    • Comes with a 1 year warranty.
    • Uncommon color.
    • Made of premium quality meranti and spruce wood.


    • This guitar cannot be connected to the speaker.

    Why buy Yamaha F310

    Like many other acoustic guitars, this one cannot be connected to the speaker. However, it will generate a considerable amount of sound without being connected to the speaker. You need to strum this guitar with a little more energy.

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    Key Features

    • 96.1 x 43.1 x 8 cm product dimension.
    • The weight of this guitar is 4.2 kg.
    • The fingerboard is made of linden wood.
    • The fretboard is made of ebony wood.
    • Cutaway design.
    • 38 inches in size.
    best guitars in India
    Juarez JRZ-ST02 6-String Electric Guitar, Right Handed

    This guitar brand Juarez has seen the transformation in the music industry. This electric guitar from Juarez comes in the red color. This guitar has linden binding and is fully made of wood with geared tuning. The strings of this electric guitar are of steel.

    The weight of this guitar is 4.2 kg, which is quite heavy. This cutaway design Juarez electric guitar is nearly about 38 inches. The guitar dimension is 96.1 x 43.1 x 8 cm.

    This is a perfect combination of linden wood and ebony wood. While the fingerboard is made of linden wood, the fretboard is made of ebony wood. This has a single-coil guitar pickup configuration. You can easily plug this guitar with an amplifier speaker. It is surely one of the best guitars in India under 10000 inr.


    • Made of the best quality ebony wood, linden wood, and linden wood.
    • The steel strings are damage proof.


    • 4.2 kg weight is quite heavy.
    • This one is not for the entry-level guitarists.

    Why buy Juarez JRZ-ST02

    You can easily plug this electric guitar with an amplifier speaker and enjoy a balanced sound with zero hummings. Like many guitars, this guitar will not create any buzzing effect when you play it.

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    Key Features

    • Made of the best quality rosewood, meranti, nato, and spruce.
    • The weight is 1.5 kg.
    • Product dimension is 100 x 37 x 11 cm.
    • 22.8 inches scale length.
    • The strings are made of nylon.
    • Fingerboards and bridges are made of rosewood.
    best classical guitars 2020
    Yamaha Classical Guitar C40//02

    The USP of any classical guitar is that they have nylon strings. Yamaha brand is well-known for producing the best quality classical guitars. This model by Yamaha is a full-sized classical guitar meant for the beginners.

    The body of this guitar is made of meranti, and the top is made of spruce wood. This classical guitar has a Dovetail neck joint. The scale length of this guitar is 22.8-inch. With a product dimension of nearly 100 x 37 x 11 cm, this guitar weighs 1.5 kg. 

    The entire body of this guitar is made of various types of woods. These woods are nato, meranti, spruce, and rosewood. All these woods together create a balanced sound. The neck of the guitar provides you with a comfortable hand positioning. Many experts consider it as one of the best guitars in India under 10000.


    • 1.5 kg feels extremely lightweight for beginners.
    • Nylon strings do not harm the tip of your finger.
    • Has accurate fret and expertly controlled neck.


    • This is not for professional guitarists.
    • The color options for this model are limited.

    Why buy Yamaha Classical Guitar C40 02

    This guitar was considered as a best-stringed instrument by the listeners in 2011. For the entry-level guitarists, this would be a good purchase. This lightweight guitar is easy to handle and minor players would feel comfortable to play it.

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    Key Features

    • 2.42 kg weight.
    • 43 x 38 x 4.3 cm product dimension.
    • 41 inches body.
    • Made of rosewood.
    • Can be attached to a cable.
    • Royal blue in color with blackish shades on the sides.
    top guitar in India under 10000
    KETOSTICS Givson Venus Special VS-BU

    The 5th in our list of best guitars in India under 10000 is a product from Givson. The intermediate scale length of this guitar is perfect for the young players. 

    Rosewood is the prime component of this guitar. The strings are made of metal. Givson is one of the pioneers  of the musical instruments brands.They have introduced a number of acoustic guitars, both for beginners and professionals.

    This model has a 41 inches long body with 43 x 38 x 4.3 cm dimension. The rosewood gives it a solid structure and produces a balanced sound. The hollow chamber of this guitar creates a soothing sound to your ears. As the guitar weighs 2.42 Kg, it is good for adult players. 

    The body depth of this guitar is slightly reduced for easy handling of the guitar. You will get a guitar bag, a belt, and 5 picks with this guitar. The color combination of this guitar is royal blue with the tinge of black on the sides. You can attach this guitar with a cable, and the number of fret is 21.


    • Young players prefer the intermediate scale length of this guitar.
    • The brand value of this guitar is beyond any question.
    • The metal strings are durable.


    • 2.42 kg weight might be a bit heavy for teenage players.
    • Could be made of better wood material.

    Why buy KETOSTICS Givson Venus Special VS-BU

    If you are not concerned with the weight of this guitar, you can surely give it a try. However, this guitar may not be suitable for the minor players due to the heavy weight. Professional guitarist can play with ease.

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    Key Features

    • The weight of this guitar is 2.5 kg.
    • The product dimension is 100 x 43 x 17 cm.
    • In-built equalizer and tuner.
    • Semi-cutaway design.
    • 44 inches body size.
    • Made of Indian rosewood.
    top guitar under 10000
    Kadence Slowhand Series Premium Acoustic Guitar

    Kadence has always been ranked as one of the top guitar brands in India. This acoustic guitar is one of the best Kadence models. With 44 inches body size and 21 frets, this guitar comes with a heavily padded bag, pro capo, and a fiber body stand. The fretboard and the bridge of this guitar are made of Indian rosewood. This Indian rosewood ensures great sound quality.

    This model comes with an in-built equalizer and has a semi-cutaway design. The rosewood made fretboard is extremely smooth to handle. The product dimension of this guitar is 100 x 43 x 17 cm. This acoustic model weighs nearly 2.5 kg. 

    This guitar needs batteries that you have to buy yourself. The manufacturer does not provide any battery with it. You will get a warranty of 1 year as you buy this one. The color of this model is shiny black. Professionals, as well as beginners, can easily play this one. It also has an in-built tuner, so you do not need to worry about the tunings. That’s why we couldn’t ignore it while making this coveted list of 10 best guitars in India under 10000.


    • The manufacturer gives you a 1 year warranty for this guitar.
    • Professionals, as well as beginners, can use it.


    • This guitar needs batteries.
    • This is not a complete cutaway guitar.

    Why buy Kadence Slowhand Series Premium Acoustic Guitar

    While this guitar is not fully cutaway, it will produce a balanced sound due to the Indian rosewood. Cutaway guitars are largely used by the beginners and this one will also be an ideal pick for them as well as for the professionals.

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    Key Features

    • This model weighs nearly 3 kg.
    • The size of this guitar is 40 inches.
    • Cutaway design with 21 frets.
    • The product dimension is 45 x 5 x 10 cm.
    • Comes in black color.
    best guitar under 10000 Reviews
    Xtag X-40C

    This trademark brand Xtag introduces its X-40C cutaway acoustic guitar with 6 strings and 21 frets. The neck of this 40 inches long guitar is made of linden wood. The fretboard is made of rosewood, and the rest of the body is made of mahogany wood. This model comes in black color only.

    The weight of this cutaway acoustic guitar is 3 kg. This is a right-handed guitar. The guitar is not tuned when you get it. You have to tune it yourself. The guitar comes with a plectrum guard. There is a truss rod inside this guitar. This acoustic guitar cannot be connected with the speaker. 

    The guitar is both for beginners and professional guitarists. However, as far as the weight of this guitar is concerned, it will best suit the professionals. The rosewood, linden wood, and mahogany together produce a balanced sound.


    • You will get a balanced sound from the strings.
    • Cutaway design is good for entry-level guitarists.


    • The size of this guitar might be an issue.

    Why buy Xtag X-40C

    In order to get a balanced sound, you can try this guitar. This cutaway guitar with 21 frets would increase your comfort level while strumming. This product will be worth purchasing.

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    Key Features

    • Savarez cristal Corum strings.
    • 99.7 x 37.2 x 10.2 cm dimension.
    • 1.54 kg weight.
    • Mahogany wood, spruce wood, and rosewood are the chief components.
    • Comes in natural wood color.
    • No battery is required.
    reviews of best guitar under 10000
    Cordoba Guitars C1M

    Next in our list of best guitars in India under 10000 is a product from Cordoba, which is one of the leading brands of guitar. The top of this Cordoba model is made of spruce wood and the body and the sides of the guitar are made of mahogany wood. It is a classical guitar as the strings are made of nylon. This one comes in full-size. The manufacturer has decided to give it a satin finish. This classical guitar weighs nearly 1.54 kg.

    The product dimension of this guitar is 99.7 x 37.2 x 10.2 cm. The Savarez cristal Corum strings are in high tension. You do not need any battery for this classical Cordoba model. There is no AC adapter included in this model. This is a purely right-handed guitar. The rosewood neck and bridge are long-lasting. The gold color tuning machines give a trendy look. The entire body of this guitar is in natural wood color. The manufacturer gives no warranty for this one.


    • The nylon strings are good for students.
    • You do not need to buy any battery for this model.


    • The strings of this guitar might harm the fingertips of minor players.

    Why buy Cordoba Guitars C1M

    If you are a beginner and looking for a classical guitar, this one may help.The nylon strings of this guitar will not feel harsh on your fingertips. Though there are not many color options for this model, the natural color one looks trendy.

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    Key Features

    • Made of rosewood and maple wood.
    • 4.2 kg weight.
    • 105 x 42 x 8 cm package dimension.
    • Jumbo frets like premium guitars.
    • Singlecoil pickup system for better sound..
    best guitar in India under 10000
    Vault TL1M

    This electric guitar from Vault’s house comes in two colors- the natural one and the sunburst one. The fretboard of this guitar is made of maple wood. This guitar has a double-action truss rod, which is only found in high-end guitars. The single-coil pickup system creates low noise and high output. The scale length of this solid body single cutaway guitar is 25.5″. The neck is also made of maple wood.

    The tuning pegs are plated with nickel die-cast. These types of tuners are only seen in high-end guitars. The C shape neck makes it easier to handle. This guitar uses the jumbo frets, which are only found in premium guitars. The fixed bridge gives a solid focus on sound and stability. The package dimension is 105 x 42 x 8 cm, and the weight is 4.2 kg.


    • The fixed bridge and single-coil pickup system give a balanced and focused sound.
    • Made of premium quality maple wood and rosewood.
    • One of the best guitars in India under 10000


    • The jumbo frets of this guitar are a bit tough to handle.

    Why buy Vault TL1M

    This guitar is equipped with the best technology and gives a humming free balanced sound. The jumbo frets are one the unique features of this guitar. If you are comfortable in jumbo frets, give this product a try.

    Check at Amazon

    Key Features

    • Comes in four colors. 
    • Product dimension is 111.5 x 40.9 x 16 cm.
    • 3.2 kg weight.
    • Made of rosewood mainly.
    • The tuning pegs are covered with chrome.
    guitars under 10000 in India
    Fender SA105CENAT

    This Fender acoustic guitar comes in four colors-brown, natural, black, and sunburst. The top of this guitar is made of laminated spruce wood, and laminated Nato constructs the back and side of this guitar. This is a dreadnought style guitar in cutaway shape. Rosewood makes the fingerboard, and Nato makes the neck of this guitar. The fretboard has 20 frets in total. The tuning pegs are covered with chrome. The dual-action truss rod is there inside this guitar. Stained maple wood forms the bridge of this guitar.

    111.5 x 40.9 x 16 cm is the product dimension, and the weight is 3.2 kg. This guitar does not come with any battery and does not need one. The chief component of this right-handed guitar is rosewood. This model from Fender does not have ivory binding. It can be connected with an amplifier speaker.


    • There are many color options available for this model.
    • The chrome-covered tuning pegs are durable.


    • This model is a bit pricey.

    Why buy Fender SA105CENAT

    Though the price of this model is slightly on the higher side, this is worth the money. The chrome covered tuning pegs are easily movable. You can tune this guitar without any trouble. This product will be worth your money.

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    Best Guitars in India under 10000 Buying Guide

    • Budget: In today’s competitive world, every brand strives to launch their best product in the affordable price range. The guitar brands in India are no exception. Each and every guitar brand tries to come out with the latest model with the best features. They have guitars from low to high price range. If you want to get more upgraded features, the price will go a bit high. However, it would be worth the money. They have also launched various types of guitars of low range while not compromising with the quality. You need to pick up the ideal guitar for you according to your purpose. 
    • Playing Style: Pick up your guitar according to your playing style. For jazz music, you should pick an archtop guitar. For hard rock music, your choice should be electric guitars. There are blues guitars for blues music particularly. There are acoustic guitars for those who like to strum something while singing. For melodious songs, acoustic and electric guitars would be ideal. 
    • Wood Material: There are several kinds of wood used for guitar. It depends on the preference of the brand. Mahogany, rosewood, basswood, maple wood, engineer rosewood, tonewood, and walnut are some of the most preferred woods for any wooden guitar. For different parts of the guitar, different wood is ideal. For example, walnut wood is good for the fretboards. Rosewood and basswood made bodies are durable. Wenge, Koa, Mahogany, and maple wood are best for the neck of the guitar. 
    •  Shape and Size: Shape and size do matter a lot when it comes to your personal comfort. Big guitars have a much bigger hollow chamber, which produces a better sound. For kids, there are baby guitars that come in a smaller size. In the case of shapes also, there are various shapes. Cutaway and dreadnought are the most popular  guitar shapes. 
    • Types of Guitar: There are various types of  guitars for various purposes. If you are a trained guitarist, then go for the jumbo guitars, electric guitars, and bass guitars. If you are a beginner, then dreadnought guitar would be good for you. There are travel guitars for travelers who love to carry their guitars wherever they go. Minor guitarists may pick up the baby guitar or parlor guitar.
    • Finishing of the Guitar: Before picking up your guitar, minutely check the finishing. Sometimes either the guitar may have any crack or any part of the guitar is not rightly placed. Check the fretboard carefully. The fretboard should be placed with balance. Check whether the tuning pegs are rusty or not. Guitars are stored in the factories for a long time. Due to this, the wooden body of the guitar becomes damp or damaged. Check this also before buying. In case of the electric or semi-electric guitars check the electric port carefully.
    • Preinstalled Stuff: The guitars come with some pre-installed stuff such as the bridge, strings, tuning pegs, etc. If any part of this preinstalled stuff is damaged, you will not get your desired result. If the tuning pegs are not flexible enough, you cannot tune your guitar properly. There will be a continuous humming if the string quality is poor. 
    • Check Your Passion: Last but not least, check your passion before buying any guitar. If you like to strum a guitar while singing, It is advisable that you should go for the low price acoustic guitar. In case you want to learn every nuance of the guitar with passion, then go for the high range guitars. If you love hard rock music, go for the electric or semi-electric guitars.

    Best Guitars in India under 10000 FAQs

    Yamaha, Fender, Ibanez are some popular guitar companies that provide some good quality guitars within reasonable price. Depending on your interest, you can choose any kind of guitar from these brands. The most popular and recommended guitar under 10,000 margin is Fender CD- 60S Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar.

    In the beginning, one can find it hard to learn. But the more you stick to this beautiful instrument, the more easily you will learn it. It will take a bit more time to get through about each part of a guitar. But once you get accustomed with the cord and tuning process, it will get much easier for you.

    The main three types of guitars are (i) Classical Guitar, (ii) Acoustic Guitar, (iii) Electric Guitar


    Classical guitar is Spanish guitar in which nylon strings are used and mainly classical form of music is played with this one.


    Acoustic guitar is made with a hollow wooden chamber on its base and with metal strings. The string's vibration gets simplified in this hollow chamber and this produces a sound wave and makes it audible.


    Electric guitar is made with a solid wooden body and with metal strings. It is designed with some advanced electronics and it needs external support like an amplifier to get audible.

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