Types of Guitar: Ultimate Guide for Beginner Guitarist in 2021

Guitar has a divisive craze among the masses. The love for instruments has never-ending charm. There is usually a certain attention-grabbing effect which draws any player to a specific type of guitar.  There are three major types of Guitar: Acoustic, Electric and Bass.

These are the three major categories which are further divided with various other forms of guitar. The word ‘Guitar’ means ‘different from each people’. The delicate finger-picking of the recurrent classical player on the steel-string acoustic around the campfire is mesmerizing. To step into the guitar world, we have managed to unplug the different types of it together in one go.

Types of Guitar that You Should Know About (2021 Edition)

There are different types of guitar available offered by various top level brands in 2021 for every guitarists. So if you’re thinking about buying a new one, then first you must know about all the options that are available for you in the market.  Here in the below section we will be talking about all the types of guitar in detail. Let’s start! 

1. Acoustic Guitars

This is the most basic and beginner-friendly guitar which amplifies the strings acoustically. It is made of woods- symmetrical having a cutaway bot type of body to access the higher frets.  It has six to twelve strings producing a lush harp-like tune, which make it ideal to play folk, rock, blues and country too.  

types of guitar: acoustic

An enthusiastic beginner guitarist and singer-songwriter can undoubtedly buy this guitar to explore the beauty of playing and learning this amazing instrument. During the period of 1920s, the acoustic guitar becomes one of the fixtures to tune the rhythm in the big bands and the orchestras. The method of creating volume and realizing the vibration made it the most reachable to all.

2. Electric Guitar

During the year the 30s, 40s, and 50s, the top guitarists played the jazz on the Hollowbody Jazz guitar, which is a kind of electric guitar. It is distinguished by the arches on the top of the guitar, manufactured by the Gibson, D’ Angelico & Epiphones.

types of guitar: electric
Types of Guitar: Electric

Jazz guitarists use to wear semi-acoustic or semi-hollow guitars. They are prone to the concept of bringing out the deliberative outcome of the modern and traditional missed music era.  It has an amazingly solid coloured body with banjos makes it a little difficult to transport but extremely comfortable to play. This array of guitar from the Electric guitar group needs a special expertise hand to tackle the music to reach the masses.

3. Bass Guitar

Dreaming of motionless feeling in the corner of the stage and try to lead the attention of the lead singer is only possible by using the bass guitar. In the mid-50s, tunes that created simply added beauty of the musicians and singers are this piece of guitar.  Manufactured by the Kay and Epiphones, a bass guitar made it most amazing to reach out to the heart of the millions.  

types of guitar: bass

Bass guitar has four strings which are thick and flat and have a thicker sound effect. It is so deep and of the low range that you can feel that the Earth is Shaking.  The most recognized bass guitar is probably of Fender precision and Hofner Violin, favoured by Sir Paul McCartney and Rickenbacker 4001 made out of the music jam.

Bass guitar is perfect for the people who are largely working with the drummers to create a rhythmic section. It holds powerful low-end to end grooves in the band. Performing on stage solos can be best accompanied by the bass guitar.

Cousin of Guitars (Different Options that We Have)

The fun fact is the guitar is the descendant of the lute.

There are few influential Cousins of Guitar which has sprung out from the lute family. These aren’t typical guitars but snipped out as instruments.

The Mandolin:  It is like a strummed violin which is tuned in a double song.  The bright trebly sounds out of it are popular to carry out folk songs.

The Banjo: Having five strings with an open G chord is like a sound-hole. A Banjo has a drum-like the body which gives away a heavy sound to the popular folk, bluegrass and country type songs.

The Ukulele:  Heard about Hawaiian instruments? Similar to it, Ukulele has four strings making it look like a miniature form of a guitar. It produces delicate, twinkly, and trebly sounds. The craze for playing the Ukulele is majorly on the open mic performances.


The guitar is one of the most interesting, easy to handle and luxurious instrument which is loved by the majority of music lovers. It is easy to learn for initial music pieces and play it well while having stage performances. Curious and enthusiastic guitar loves are welcomes to choose any one of their kind and simply start it off to track out amazing music. Hopefully now you know about different types of guitar. However, if you still have any doubts, then feel free to ask in the comments box below.

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