Yamaha F310 Review: Best Guitar for Beginners in 2021?

yamaha f310

Yamaha F310 Review Summary

Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar is an ideal choice for beginners if they want to learn the basics. It's quite popular among the youths of India due to its durability and affordability. If you're budget is tight and you are looking for a reliable yet inexpensive guitar, then this is the right choice for you.

Our Rating
  • Value for money
  • Decent Sound Quality
  • Good build quality
  • Action is little bit high
  • Strings quality should be improved

Yamaha promises “make waves.” It is that precious moment when one of the Yamaha products can make the heart of a customer tremble.  One of the oldest acoustic brands in the market, Yamaha builds some of the most reliable products. Quality of music and awareness about it is their prime goal. They have also stayed ahead of others in the market, by simply building awareness around their products.

Yamaha F310 is all wood with a sweet sound no other guitar can create at that particular price range. This is where they have utilised their craftsmanship making it one of their best products for newbies in the market.

Yamaha F310 is one of those guitars that are popular, yet inexpensive. It is a 20 – fret guitar made of mahogany wood. The guitar is almost 10 pounds in weight, slightly bulkier than the other guitars within its range. Its whole wood body creates a decent, sweet tone that is not what others in the market can sell you.

Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar

One selling point about this guitar is that it is not big on investment. Secondly, you can play it even professionally at many live or in-house events. I will be providing Yamaha F310 review in-depth here at Guitar Guides, but first lets talk about its key features.

Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar Key Features

Have a look at some of the features of the Yamaha F310 guitar below,

Feature Type Value

Weight of guitar

3.2 kilograms
Dimensions of the guitar
44 x 21.5 x 5.5 inch
Type of material used to build in the body
Locally available tonewood
Number of strings
012/.016/.025(or.024)/.033 (.032)/.043(.042)/.053(.052)
Covered chrome with fingerboard width at 43 mm
String Material
Right-handed guitar
Top of the guitar
Spruce top

Yamaha F310 Review: Value for Money

Buying a guitar creates a special memory, and if it’s the first time, then we should be more careful. In fact, I had done a huge mistake while buying my first guitar ever. But I don’t want you to suffer, and that’s why I have made this Yamaha F310 review unbiased and to the point. I have reviewed it in different parameters so that you can get a clearer picture.

Design of Yamaha F310

The guitar is made with shorter strings keeping in view the gentle new fingers that touch the guitar for the first time. Additionally, shorter strings decrease chord tension. You experience extra comfort without the loss of tone while playing the guitar. The guitar has an ultra-thin lacquer finish. This makes the sound of the guitar more responsive and the tone more refined.

The spruce top is durable and perfectly complements the structure of this guitar. The rosewood fingerboard can help the player glide through it comfortably.

Sound Quality

The meranti back and the spruce top helps create warmer tones. The dreadnought design is quite a comfy variety when it comes to playing various lively and full sounds.

You can play this guitar for a long time and is durable even in repeated roadshow experiences. It has a slightly short scale length. The guitar players would appreciate the YT100 tuner. The pitch indicator and tuning guide of the instrument makes it unique for the users. It also has an inbuilt microphone.

With the help of the microphone, you can modify the various functions of the guitar. It also offers a simple easy to read tuning. You can use it either in bright or dark conditions. The tuner is portable and lightweight.

Position of the Tuning Gears and the Fret

The frets and tuning gears are perfectly positioned for an unparalleled musical experience. Furthermore, metal strips are incorporated into the fingerboard. Each fret in Yamaha F310 represents one semitone. The tuning gears helps custom sound production with ease.

Storage Rules 

It can be stored at a low humid environment. Acoustic guitars react with excessive moisture and are more susceptible to temperature changes. Humidity cannot be more than 45%-55%. Do not store in places which receive direct sunlight. Do not store them in excessively dry environments. Do not store them near the A/Cs. Wherever temperature fluctuates, do not store these instruments.

Whenever you are not playing it, ensure you store it in the case. The pure wood produces a nice sound. However, it is fragile compared to plywood.

If you are not going to play it for a long time, let’s say for six months; ensure you loosen the strings to protect them.

Ease of Use

Since it is meant for the newbies thus the guitar has been built with extra care. However, a condition that often creeps up is the lifting off of the bridge.

The bridge might come off if the strings are wound tightly and the guitar is not used for some time. Even with a slightly swollen bridge, you can still play the guitar. But, do not ever install the strings without repairing the bridge. Make sure you take it to a nearby store.


There is a 3-year guarantee covering the manufacturing defects of the guitar.


The best thing about this guitar is its price. Yamaha has chosen to go with aggressive pricing strategy for this acoustic guitar model. In fact due to its “value for money” price tag, it has managed to grab the eye balls of lots of music enthusiasts in a short span of time. 

User Reviews

Feedback by the music experts of the United Kingdom, says this is the most perfect guitar for those playing it for the first time. Even those who have not practised the guitar for a long time can use it to set their finger back. The neck of the guitar is slender and thus the fingers glide smoothly over them. The sound produced by it is magical when compared to expensive brands. The build feels solid and the manufacturing seems proper. In their opinion, F310 is offering great value for your money.


It was concluded that F310 can make your life easy as a beginner. I would personally recommend you not to begin your journey without reading this Yamaha F310 review. Its uniqueness lies in the care with which it was manufactured. The company kept in mind the various needs of the new people using the guitar for the first time. By using it, you can also harness the advantages built into F310.

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